Sunday, June 1, 2014

『Life』Maleficent Inspired Make-up, Singing, and Art!

It's almost summer! Most of you are probably already on break. LOL
Just a little life update since I've been quite busy and unable to take spare some time for blogging activities. For me, finals are coming up in a week! 
However, solid A's in all my classes, which I'm pretty proud of! (Whoot whoot!)

I went to go see Maleficent the other day. My mind was BLOWN. They incorporated the original Sleeping Beauty beautifully into Maleficent's history. It was definitely one of Disney's better originals. Angelina Jolie played Maleficent almost as if she was the villain herself. Those cheekbones were irresistible. <3

We found a movie poster for Maleficent hanging outside. However, it had part of Angelina's name covered up.
I did the only sensible thing. Duh, her cheekdones are basically the movie. HAHA (Kidding, the movie was actually great; go watch it!)

Holie (holy) cheekbones indeed.

I loved it so much that I even went to It's Sugar and bought the cup! It was super over priced, but I'm glad I got it! Literally, it sold out the next day.

After watching it, I decided I would try to be Maleficent myself! I grabbed all normal make up out, but I couldn't find my stage make up. :'< In the end, I resorted to eyeshadow. LOL

Maleficent ft. air humidifier. 8D
I do realized that I did the contouring completely wrong. HAHA I rounded out the cheekbones instead of caving them in. Next time I try to recreate her, I'll deff keep that in mind.

Would you guys be interested in a make up tutorial if I happened to do one? 8D
Possibly on video? ;D

On another note, I did upload a cover on my YouTube a while back. If any of my followers play League of Legends, you might enjoy this quite a bit. It's a parody of a Vocaloid song called Yume to Hazakura with lyrics based off the champion Sona from LoL
Take a listen if you have the time; I worked really hard on it. <3

I've also been getting back into drawing recently. I decided I would take on digital art again since I've been doing a lot of traditional art lately. So, saved up some of my money and bought myself a Wacom Intuos 5 Drawing Tablet! It should be arriving on Monday. <3 Can't wait to start transfering my paper art to the computer so I can do cool coloring effects. Not to mention, being able to easily draw straight lines!

Heres a little something I drew after playing the gave Transistor. I recommend it if you're a gamer who likes hit and slash games. *^* The story is also rather amazing. <3

Welp, that's I all I can really fit in today. Time to go wallow in work as I prepare for my finals. ;v;


Have a nice day everyone! <3
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