Thursday, February 13, 2014

『Review』Liolie: Active Therapy Ampoule (Whitening)

Snow day greetings!
I'm trapped inside today; the sky has given us yet another 14 inches of snow. HAHA

So I thought, what a perfect time to write up a blog post! 
Excuse my absence of posting. I recently got casted into a musical and rehearsals have been taken most of my time. Not to mention I also finally got a sewing machine, so I've been spending lots of time on that. 8'D A lot of excitement in my life right now; I have 5 photoshoots scheduled for Saturday and Sunday at Katsucon! @A@

Now, onto the review! 


A whitening serum that transforms sordid and dark skin into clear and bright skin.Contains large amounts of  stabilized vitamin C and arbutin to improve resilience to moisturize and revitalize skin tone. Also hyaluronic acid which is an excellent moisturizer improves dried and tired skin caused by external environments.

Active Ingredient 

Stabilized Vitamin C - Regular Vitamin C protects the skin from sun damage, but oxidizes very quickly. Once it does, it has no more beauty benefits. However, once it''s stabilized, it becomes highly concentrated. It also prevents discoloration because it slows the production of pigment cells.

Arbutin - A common extract from a bearberry plant that's used for lightening skin. It's a very common ingredient for products that have whitening properties.

Hyaluronic Acid - This is going to sound a bit disgusting, but it's actually found inside our body. It keep in moisture because the acid molecule loves water and is very good at containing it. It's usually used as a substance to keep easy movement in our joints.

Texture & Color

I expected it to be sticky and slimy, but it was very smooth and felt water based. Runny though, which I don't mind. If kinda feels like I'm just applying a layer of toner! The yellowness of it kinda sets me off, but nothing too bad. 8D


Actually, it doesn't smell like much. It's a very warm and refreshing scent, but so subtle to the point of almost nothing. Though, if I were to describe it, the fragrance is a mix between flowers and a sweets bakery.

Final Thoughts

I think this might have to be one of my holy grails! So sorry I didn't take before-after pictures; I really didn't think this would be all that amazing since it was on a major major sale. I think I only paid $6 for this, mainly got it for it's super cute packaging! HAHA The original price is much more expensive though. :c 
I have bareface picture from today and 2 months back; hopefully these can show you how nicely my skin has brightened. It also dulled some of my more obvious scars!

Back when I still had black hair!
It left my skin feeling supple and moisturized, no greasy or stickiness! 8D You really only need around 2-3 drops of product. Ampoules are much more concentrated than serums, so I usually dilute it with my toner. Though the ingredients in here are sometimes known to irritate, I experienced none of it even with my super sensitive skin.


  • Whitening
  • Slight scar fading
  • Adorable packaging
  • "Little goes a long way"
  • No stickiness/greasiness
  • Mousturising


  • Icky color
  • Pricy

Would I Repurchase?


Oh my god, of course! Though I would have to buy it again the next time I go to New York. Cheapster Gin has to buy it at the lowest prices. 

Final Score: 9.5/10

Thanks again for reading as always! <3 I hope everyone enjoys Valentines day; I'm going to be out doing photoshoots! <><>

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