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『Review』Nature Republic: Original Power Whitening & Lineless Ampoule

 Anyways. Hello friends! <3 I haven't sat down and written a blog post in such a long time; it's actually a kinda refreshing change to the cosplay binge I've been on. Lately, I've been stressing over Otakon and rushing to try to get all my cosplays done, so I haven't gotten to do much of anything else. However, the amount of sewing and embellishing I've been doing has really taken a toll on my back. So I decided to finally take a break and write up a review!
(By the way, I recently got a super kind message from an anon in my Ask.FM. She/he said that they missed reading my blogposts, so I have them to thank for encouraging me to start this up again. A shout out to you if you're reading; you know who you are. <3)

Today I'm reviewing another item I got from my visit to see my boyfriend a while back.
Nature Republic's Original Power Whitening & Lineless Ampoule!

Claims and Packaging

The ampoule claims to brighten dull skin and reduce visible wrinkles. With myself, I can't really vouch for the wrinkles claim, but I am able to for whitening. 
The packaging is also adorable! I've always adored white and gold because of how royal it looks. <3 The bottle is glass like and is capped by a glass dropper. Though the dropper should be easy to use, I find myself unable to squeeze up the product sometimes. 
It's a little bigger than Lioele's whitening ampoule, which I also reviewed. You can read it here! (insert link)

Active Ingredients

Caviar Extract - Very rich in various vitamins and amino acids that help slow down the wrinkling process by moisturizing. It helps to keep the skin firm and provides the highest level of hydration. The extract also forms a thin layer of protection from the skin and outer elements (such as UV rays, climate, drying).

Italian Orange Water - Helps hydrate and soothe irrupted or sensitive skin. It reduces blemishes and helps unclog pores when used like a toner.


It comes out as a slightly watery, white substance. Though not very thick, around a pea size amount is able to cover my entire face. It leaves the skin slightly shiny and moist, but goes away after rubbing it in.

I usually use this at night after my toner. I think it works best while sleeping since your skin isn't exposed to many other elements then.


I was surprised at how nice this smelled! It's something that I really can't explain that well, but it has a very pleasant, faint floral scent mixed with the generally sweet fragrance. Though not having a lingering scent, it's very refreshing when you apply it on your face.

Final Thoughts

Though very appeasing to apply, it's whitening properties are quite dull. I maybe able to tell a super slight change in the brightness of my face, but the ampoule had little effect in actually lightening my skin tone. There was very little whitening; nothing as much as I expected. I did, however, notice some of my small smile wrinkles getting less noticeable! The smell is very comforting and it calms me down when I massage it onto my face. Though the product is a bit ineffective and doesn't completely live up to it's claims, it hasn't cause me to break out drastically. Plus, the container is super sturdy despite it's glass like appearance. I've dropped it more times than I can count and it's still looking as chic and elegant as when I first opened it.


  • Sturdy
  • Elegant
  • Refreshing scent
  • Reduces small wrinkles
  • Pleasant to apply


  • Poor whitening/brightening properties
  • Sometimes difficult to get product in dropper

Would I Repurchase?

I actually liked this a bit better that the Lioele Whitening Ampoule, but I feel like the whitening properties weren't as strong. Depending on the circumstances, I might repurchase this to continue to reduce my smile lines. However, once I'm satisfied, I would return to Lioele for whitening.

Final Score: 8/10

As always, thanks for reading guys! <3 I'm going to disappear for another while, but I'll be back. B)
Love you all! ;v;

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