Sunday, August 24, 2014

『Life』Cosplay and Convention; Otakon 2014!


Alright, I have a legit reason for disappearing this time, really.
Ok, kinda legit reason.
...ok, not actually a legit reason.

What's the reason? Well, cosplay! 8D
The time period from July to August was a super hectic one. I had to finish making three costumes for Otakon, and I had barely a month left! I was panicked, so I put off almost all social media to work on them. That, included my beauty blog posts. The only thing I updated regularly was my Facebook page, which I uploaded pictures of my progress for various costumes.

Here's a few!

On that note, I actually reach 1k+ on my Facebook page! I update a lot of cosplay and singing stuff there. If you're interested in keeping up with me on that aspect, feel free to check me out at PandaGin

So basically, I've been glueing, sewing, cutting, heating, ironing for these past few weeks to get my cosplays ready for Otakon, which started on the 8th of August. 
It wasn't just that though, oh no. I had to book a hotel room, manage who was rooming with me, manage people's travel methods, schedule photoshoots, and keep everyone updated on information. 
It was extreamly stressful; I definitly got a few white hairs from it. HAHA It gets a bit confusing to know what to tell who. 

Anyways! First day of the convention is always Day 0. This is the day when those who pre-ordered can pick up their badges. 
Because of Otakon's bad planning, it turned into an official Linecon.
Left to right, Miyu, Me, Igor (my friend)

My mom drove my friends and I there. Traffic was absolutely horrible though; we ended up driving 3 hours when it should've only been 40 minutes. 
We got there at around 7PM, and the line was ridiculous. It literally wrapped around 20 times 
However, guy managing the end of the line said that everyone who joined then would be able to get their badges that night. 
Well guess what.
We didn't. LOL
We waited around four hours, and then they told us all to leave. We didn't get a "cut the line" pass or anything. They just straight up told us to leave. 


Not gonna lie, I was pretty pissed. So next day, we found my friends and grouped with them in the line to get our badge. We also checked into our hotel room! 

Overall, the convention was still very fun. I got to spend time with Carl (the boyfriend), stay up late with my friends, and meet some of my role models! *A*
I also finally experienced the real terror of having your cosplay fall apart at the con. HAHA Luckily, I brought a lot of extra material with me in case this happened and was able to fix up most of my costumes for wear. The friend's rooming with me also had some wardrobe malfunctions; we panicked so hard together. ;;;;

Anyways, here's the continuation of Otakon with the addition of some pictures my friend Rui (her cosplay page is Rui Cosplay) took! I didn't take many because I needed to conserve power incase I got a call from anyone needing help. ;v;

Day 1

Traffic was a butt. We got there early enough to attend our 10AM photoshoot, but didn't have time to get our badges until after it. I was cosplaying Syndra from League of Legends that day, so I lent Rui my Ahri cosplay so she could match series'. She made the tails herself though, extremely impressive!

This is when the photoshoot first started. We first took turns doing solo shots and then did some together. It was super fun working with my photographer since she and I have been friends for a super long time! The photographer seen here is Shipszer Photography/Cosplay.

After that, we got our badges and checked into our hotel room at the Lord Baltimore. Fancy name, fancy hotel. The room was super nice and spacious; it even had a fridge! 
This is when things got hectic. My mom helped me drop off our stuff at the hotel and we rushed upstairs to fix up our cosplays. My friend Miyu, who was also carpooling with us, helped made the process go a lot quicker. Luckily, three other people who were rooming with us also arrived at around the time we checked in. Apple, Sammi, and Elizabeth arrived, so we gave them room to unpack and left for the convention center. 

We got there just in time for our 3PM photoshoot with N/A Studio. This was my first time shooting with him and I was kinda nervous because of my awkwardness. But...

It went fine. HAHA He was super chill and was extremely easy to talk to. We got some amazing pictures that I'll be showing at the end! 

After that, I was basically free for the rest of the day. We fooled around and enjoyed our selves!

Here you can see me trying to get the attention of another girl who was the same character as Rui. AHAHA
I was banging on the glass and photobombing, it was pretty fun. 8'D

(In the end, she actually joined us inside and we talked. <3 Her name's Xiao!)

Night came, and my boyfriend finally arrived in Baltimore. At that time, I actually switched out into my panda kigurumi and was no longer wearing my cosplay. (Which was probably a good idea. Baltimore is scary at night!)
I kinda regret not taking any decent selfies with him, but I was really happy to see him again after such a long time. <3 We walked back to the hotel together and then went out to find ourselves some dinner.
Carl had the smart idea of going to the harbor mall at 10PM to attempt to find burgers and fries. 

Well, everything was closed. HAHA 
So we got some Subway on the way back to the hotel, ending day 1.

Day 2

Morning of day 2, Rui got up early and bought us all a bit of food from a local 7Eleven.
I got into my Syndra again, fixed from alterations the night before, and head out a bit early to attend a photoshoot with WongTwoThree Photography. There, I also met two of my role models, Bonnies Cosplay and Pizoobie! <3

They were both in League cosplays as well, with Bonnie as Sivir and Pizoobie as Fem!Rengar. I was super happy I could meet them! <3 
After, I attended the League photoshoot and decided it was time to change cosplays. With Miyu and Carl, we went back to the hotel room they helped me change into Elsa from Frozen!
Getting the corset laced together was a pain. ;;;;

Elsa was much more mobile. Rui and I met up (she was the Jack to my Elsa) for our photoshoot with KG Photography!

Again, Rui somehow managed to snap a picture without me noticing. Photographers are setting up here, and I'm thinking of post ideas. HAHA

After that was done, Rui go eat with her family, while I went to the harbor to eat with Carl and Miyu.
He finally got those burgers and fries. LOOL
We headed back to the hotel after eating because Miyu needed to change. Well, also because my shoes for Elsa were slightly too big and giving a few small blisters on my feet ;v;

We ended up staying for longer than intended because Apple, Sammi, and Elizabeth also came back around that time and we started talking about dinner plans. I needed to go catch another photoshoot, so I left around 6:30PM.
This one was with N/A Studio again, but he was just a bit late this time around. It had gotten slightly dark, so we decided to go to the harbor where were were streetlights.
After we were done, it was around 9:30PM. I used my photographer's phone to message my friends to meet me at the harbor for food, and we went to this nice Irish place!

After we were done eating, it was late and we walked back to the hotel to call it a day.

Day 3

The last day, sadly. :'< 
We woke up early to get all our make up done and completely pack all our stuff to ready ourselves for checkout.

Today, I was Fem!Haruka from Free! Rui was to be my Fem!Rin. 8D 

From left to right, here's Rui, Apple, and I as lunch ladies. (you can also see a bit of Carl in the background. HAHA)

The absolutely hardest part of getting out of the hotel was getting all our luggage downstairs. There were so many con goers who were checking out that we could not get everything on. Therefore, from the 16th floor, everyone carried a suitcase and ran down. LOL

Pictured here from left to right is Rui, Carl, Joey (Rui's friend), and Apple. 

After we got everything downstairs, Apple, Sammi, and Elizabeth had to part with us in order to catch their bus. We took this right before we had to say our goodbyes. ;v;

Again, from left to right: Rui, Apple, Carl (top), Sammi (bottom), Elizabeth, and me!

Rui, Carl, and I went to the Artist Ally to shop for things. Miyu joined us shortly, dressed as Military Gou from Free! We quickly finished buying our things and went outside to rest for a while since Carl and Miyu needed to leave soon as well.

Carl and I got matching bows though!! ///v/// I'm kinda surprised he agreed to it, but hey, not complaining. LOL

Left to right: Me, Carl, Miyu

If you're wondering what we're doing, we're drawing on each other's hands with eyeliner. HAHA

Carl and Miyu had to leave. After giving them both a hug goodbye, Rui and I went over to the Hilton Hotel's pool for the Free! Photoshoot.
Right after that, we ran all the way to the harbor again for our final photoshoot with KG Photography.
The shoot was quick, and we ended up just playing in the water and taking silly shots with Danielle's cousin, who joined us on the way.

At the harbor, there were also a lot of the people from the Free! photoshoot hanging about. I was able to get a quick selfie with everyone; it was super cool seeing everyone. /////

Eventually, the time came for us to go home as well. We gave Rui and her cousin a ride to their house on the way back.

(Here you can see the matching bow that I got with Carl! Last bits of happiness before falling into post-con depression and sickness. HAHA)

And thus concludes Otakon 2014!

Left to right: Rui, Michelle, Me

Photoshoot Pictures

Thank you so much for reading in case anyone actually made it to the end. HAHA I know my writing can get a bit boring at times, excuse that. ;;;;
School starting for me tomorrow! I'll be headed into 10th grade. *A* Wish me luck. <3

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Sunday, July 6, 2014

『Review』Nature Republic: Original Power Whitening & Lineless Ampoule

 Anyways. Hello friends! <3 I haven't sat down and written a blog post in such a long time; it's actually a kinda refreshing change to the cosplay binge I've been on. Lately, I've been stressing over Otakon and rushing to try to get all my cosplays done, so I haven't gotten to do much of anything else. However, the amount of sewing and embellishing I've been doing has really taken a toll on my back. So I decided to finally take a break and write up a review!
(By the way, I recently got a super kind message from an anon in my Ask.FM. She/he said that they missed reading my blogposts, so I have them to thank for encouraging me to start this up again. A shout out to you if you're reading; you know who you are. <3)

Today I'm reviewing another item I got from my visit to see my boyfriend a while back.
Nature Republic's Original Power Whitening & Lineless Ampoule!

Claims and Packaging

The ampoule claims to brighten dull skin and reduce visible wrinkles. With myself, I can't really vouch for the wrinkles claim, but I am able to for whitening. 
The packaging is also adorable! I've always adored white and gold because of how royal it looks. <3 The bottle is glass like and is capped by a glass dropper. Though the dropper should be easy to use, I find myself unable to squeeze up the product sometimes. 
It's a little bigger than Lioele's whitening ampoule, which I also reviewed. You can read it here! (insert link)

Active Ingredients

Caviar Extract - Very rich in various vitamins and amino acids that help slow down the wrinkling process by moisturizing. It helps to keep the skin firm and provides the highest level of hydration. The extract also forms a thin layer of protection from the skin and outer elements (such as UV rays, climate, drying).

Italian Orange Water - Helps hydrate and soothe irrupted or sensitive skin. It reduces blemishes and helps unclog pores when used like a toner.


It comes out as a slightly watery, white substance. Though not very thick, around a pea size amount is able to cover my entire face. It leaves the skin slightly shiny and moist, but goes away after rubbing it in.

I usually use this at night after my toner. I think it works best while sleeping since your skin isn't exposed to many other elements then.


I was surprised at how nice this smelled! It's something that I really can't explain that well, but it has a very pleasant, faint floral scent mixed with the generally sweet fragrance. Though not having a lingering scent, it's very refreshing when you apply it on your face.

Final Thoughts

Though very appeasing to apply, it's whitening properties are quite dull. I maybe able to tell a super slight change in the brightness of my face, but the ampoule had little effect in actually lightening my skin tone. There was very little whitening; nothing as much as I expected. I did, however, notice some of my small smile wrinkles getting less noticeable! The smell is very comforting and it calms me down when I massage it onto my face. Though the product is a bit ineffective and doesn't completely live up to it's claims, it hasn't cause me to break out drastically. Plus, the container is super sturdy despite it's glass like appearance. I've dropped it more times than I can count and it's still looking as chic and elegant as when I first opened it.


  • Sturdy
  • Elegant
  • Refreshing scent
  • Reduces small wrinkles
  • Pleasant to apply


  • Poor whitening/brightening properties
  • Sometimes difficult to get product in dropper

Would I Repurchase?

I actually liked this a bit better that the Lioele Whitening Ampoule, but I feel like the whitening properties weren't as strong. Depending on the circumstances, I might repurchase this to continue to reduce my smile lines. However, once I'm satisfied, I would return to Lioele for whitening.

Final Score: 8/10

As always, thanks for reading guys! <3 I'm going to disappear for another while, but I'll be back. B)
Love you all! ;v;

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Sunday, June 1, 2014

『Life』Maleficent Inspired Make-up, Singing, and Art!

It's almost summer! Most of you are probably already on break. LOL
Just a little life update since I've been quite busy and unable to take spare some time for blogging activities. For me, finals are coming up in a week! 
However, solid A's in all my classes, which I'm pretty proud of! (Whoot whoot!)

I went to go see Maleficent the other day. My mind was BLOWN. They incorporated the original Sleeping Beauty beautifully into Maleficent's history. It was definitely one of Disney's better originals. Angelina Jolie played Maleficent almost as if she was the villain herself. Those cheekbones were irresistible. <3

We found a movie poster for Maleficent hanging outside. However, it had part of Angelina's name covered up.
I did the only sensible thing. Duh, her cheekdones are basically the movie. HAHA (Kidding, the movie was actually great; go watch it!)

Holie (holy) cheekbones indeed.

I loved it so much that I even went to It's Sugar and bought the cup! It was super over priced, but I'm glad I got it! Literally, it sold out the next day.

After watching it, I decided I would try to be Maleficent myself! I grabbed all normal make up out, but I couldn't find my stage make up. :'< In the end, I resorted to eyeshadow. LOL

Maleficent ft. air humidifier. 8D
I do realized that I did the contouring completely wrong. HAHA I rounded out the cheekbones instead of caving them in. Next time I try to recreate her, I'll deff keep that in mind.

Would you guys be interested in a make up tutorial if I happened to do one? 8D
Possibly on video? ;D

On another note, I did upload a cover on my YouTube a while back. If any of my followers play League of Legends, you might enjoy this quite a bit. It's a parody of a Vocaloid song called Yume to Hazakura with lyrics based off the champion Sona from LoL
Take a listen if you have the time; I worked really hard on it. <3

I've also been getting back into drawing recently. I decided I would take on digital art again since I've been doing a lot of traditional art lately. So, saved up some of my money and bought myself a Wacom Intuos 5 Drawing Tablet! It should be arriving on Monday. <3 Can't wait to start transfering my paper art to the computer so I can do cool coloring effects. Not to mention, being able to easily draw straight lines!

Heres a little something I drew after playing the gave Transistor. I recommend it if you're a gamer who likes hit and slash games. *^* The story is also rather amazing. <3

Welp, that's I all I can really fit in today. Time to go wallow in work as I prepare for my finals. ;v;


Have a nice day everyone! <3
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Thursday, May 22, 2014

『Review』Dolly Eye (EOS) - Blytheye Brown Circle Lenses

Coming in with a super overdue post!

I won these babies in the December of last year from Misa's Uniqso giveaway! Some of you guys might remember it, but it was sure a long time ago. LOL
I've been meaning to review these for such a long time! Really, I had pictures taken and everything, but it just kinda slipped my mind. :c
If you look closely at my Katsucon post pictures, you should be able to see them! I wore them for two long days. HAHA (Had some serious pains in my eyes afterwards. Don't follow my example.)

I got these in the mail in an adorable little box! It came with a free case too. 8D

The lenses were bubble wrapped and tightly snug in the box to allow zero damage.

They're absolutely gorgeous. Just as described with a perfectly sized rim!  

Here's a bit of information:  

Diameter : 14.5mm 
Base Curve : 8.6mm 
Lens' Lifetime : 1 Year Disposable 
Water Content: 38% 
Labelled by: DollyEye / Douceurs  


I waited over night so the harsh solution that stored the lenses could wash out. Then, I plopped them in for a test run!


I love the way my natural eye blends into the color of the lenses! The small black lines around the center helps it subtly and slowly blend my eyes into the golden iris. The black circle around the lenses is perfectly sized so it enhances the size of my eyes, but also look natural from a distance!


Instead of looking for harsh edged, bright yellow eyes, I was looking for something more mysterious and alluring. I feel as if these contacts did just that! The yellow shows up quite nicely on my eyes, considering the fact that I have almost jet black eyes.


So, I took these on a test run to school one day, and they were SO COMFORTABLE. <3 I couldn't feel them unless I was straining to look at something or with wind blowing on them. However, heed the 8 hour rule. LOL I wore these for 18 hours straight without taking them out for a convention. 
Let's just say I had some major eye pains afterwards. ;v;


It's very slight. The black ring allows it to become a little bigger than my eyes, but it's still small enough to be normal and un-alien like. This is quite nice since it works nicely with simple make up!

Final Thoughts

This exceeded my expectations! I was very happy with these circle lenses, especially because I won it from a giveaway. HAHA
Come on, who doesn't love free stuff? :'>
They have a very gradient like design with an alluring gold color that was vibrant even on my dark eyes. In photoshoot pictures, I was able to easily edit them into a brighter yellow/deeper orange. Wearing these on a normal day made me feel super unique and mysterious. The lenses were a bit on the thin side, so it was super easy to insert everytime!


  • Comfortable
  • Easy to put on
  • Vibrant
  • Gradient color change
  • Doesn't over englarge


  • So far, none! 

Would I Repurchase?

Yes! These are probably going to be my go-to yellow lenses, will deff be reordering then they expire.

Final Score: 10/10

Thank you for reading and have a wonderful day! <3
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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

『Review』Nature Republic: Hawaiian Fresh Pineapple Pack

Hello lovelies!
Sorry for that short hiatus. ;v; Hopefully I'll be back regularly since summer is starting soon.
I got a lot of new products to review and a lot of things to talk about! Thing will probably start to pick up. B)
Today I'll be reviewing Nature Republic's Hawaiian Fresh Pineapple Pack! I got it on my trip to New York when I was visiting my boyfriend. 8D


I didn't really find any claims on the pack; it was kinda of an impulsive buy. LOL
However, from some simple googling, I was able to find that this mask claims to make skin brighter and smoother with the pineapple extract!

Active Ingredient 

  • Hibiscus - firms agent that also cools the face. High in Vitamin C! (which helps the Whitening of skin) 
  • Pineapple Extract - contains enzymes that makes skin elastic, improve skin hydration, and remove damaged and dead cells. It helps achieve a clear and glowing complexion that reduces fine lines and signs of aging.


Smooth, but not thick. I would say, gel-like and light! There were tiny blades of a grass like material sparely in the mask that was probably used as a gentle exfoliant. When applied it was very, very cold. I almost to the point where I cringed a bit. ;A;
The mask had a lasting coldness that was extremely cooling! To be honest, I could even associate it with being minty. After a good 20 minutes, the cooling sensation began to wear off, so I popped into the shower and washed it off.

("After" is the picture in which I have the mask on. Should've labeled it differently. LOL)


It smells slightly of pineapple, but nothing too pungent or strong. I quite like it, as it quite accurately portrays the pineapple smell.

Final Thoughts

Ohh my god! My face felt absolutely amazing afterwards. Not only being super smooth and silky, I also felt like it lifted my cheeks and made my face bouncy. Maybe that's what it feels like to get Botox? LOL 
I felt extremely satisfied after washing it off, definitely a great way to end a long day of studying. HAHA


  • Smell good
  • Firms 
  • Cooling 
  • Amount in singular pack is enough 
  • All natural
  • Doesn't drip 


  • A bit messy
  • Extremely cold when first applied  

Would I Repurchase?

Since I purchased this from New York in a small Nature Republish store, probably won't get the opportunity too. However, it has definitely made me more interested in the other masks they have to offer! If I happen to find this at a good price again, I would grab it. B)

Final Score: 9.5/10

Thank you for reading and have a wonderful day! <3

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Friday, April 25, 2014

『Talk』Rest in Peace, Ryan

Hello guys. 

I have a very serious topic that I would like to talk about today. 
I'll be addressing depression and suicide. I strongly recommend you all to read this.

Many of you have probably heard about it hundreds and hundreds of times already. However, watching a mischievous and playful friend succumb into depression so deep that it led to suicide emotionally struck me. 

Today, just an hour ago, my friend Ryan Walden died from an attempted suicide. 
He was rushed to the hospital this morning, but it was too late.

Ryan, a freshman like me, was the most clever and respectful person I've ever met. He was only 14, his birthday only a few months away from now. 

Most importantly, he's a person I've spent four years with. He is a child of loving parents and brothers. He is a friend to many. 

We have all been impacted by his passing. 

I am crying as I'm typing this. I still can't believe that the boy I saw just a week ago, the boy who I helped with homework, the boy who say next to me, is now gone. 


There will always be an empty seat next to me, as if almost waiting for him to come in one day so everything would be normal again. 
But it's won't. 

Death is irreversible. To realize he was hiding his depression, to realize I didn't notice; I feel guilty. 
Maybe I could've done something. 
Maybe I could've prevented this even if it was just one little action, such as going to visit him or asking to hang out. 

Depression is serious. As someone who went though it before, I can truthfully tell you that there are more types of depression than there are different types of snowflakes. 

Depression can lable many emotions. I know many of you mean well when you say, "I know how you feel." 
When you're that deep in depression, however, no one wants to hear that. 

Just be there for them. 
Reach out to them. 
Let them know you're thinking about them. 
Let them know you care. 
I beg of anyone who has difficultly staying in this world to talk to someone you trust. 
Hotlines, family, 911, etc. 

The impact you leave and the life that you abandon is impossible to reverse. 

Life is beautiful. 

Rest in peace, Ryan. 


Thursday, April 24, 2014

『Talk』Pictures from Katsucon and WIP Cosplays

I'm so sorry.
//lies on side

Anyways! So, I went to Katuscon (two months ago) and boy, was it great! *A*
I got a lot of really nice photos from my photographers. <3 (They were all amazing! I only knew one of them personally because of a previous photoshoot with her, but the other two were super friendly and really made me feel at ease. It's always scary finding new photographers! ;;;;)
Here are some of my favorites!


SNSD Ahri - League of Legends


Photos taken by KG Photography



Kuriyama Mirai [Maid and Idol Outfit] - Kyokai no Kanata (Beyond the Boundary)
My friend Miyu as Idol Miral and myself as Maid Mirai!


I really didn't have a lot of cosplays this con. HAHA
Though I'm working on a few for Otakon that I'm pretty excited about!
Here are some of my WIPs:

Elsa - Frozen (WIP)


Winter Wonder Poro - League of Legends (WIP)


Syndra - League of Legends (WIP)


Female Haruka - Free! (WIP)

Yes, I am standing in snow in a swimsuit.

It's would be amazing if you guys could check out my Facebook page, PandaGin! I upload most of my cosplay progresses on there, plus, I give occasional tips! 8D
Thank you so much for reading...?
Look at pictures? LOL

I will try to get some beauty things out this weekend! Love you guys!

I hope you have an amazing day! <3

☆ gin ★