Thursday, November 28, 2013

『Life』The Liebster Award

Hi everyone! Happy Thanksgiving to all! *A* I just finished eating a wonderful meal. I am super excited to go Black Friday shopping tomorrow! (Will probably be doing a haul post, look forward to it!)

Today I got nominated for The Liebster Award by Mira!

Mira is a amazing blogger who gives great reviews. I love her writing style and I find her blog very easy and fun to read. Not to mention, her blog design is really simple! Go check her out at Le Miel et la Vanille. Thank you so much for picking me!

This award is given to blogs that have less than 200 followers. It's a really nice way for new bloggers to connect and socialize! 

If I happened to nominate you, just give me a follow back over Bloglovin', GFC, etc.! It's be amazing if you could check out my Youtube channel as well, but thats up to you. Afterwards, make a post that nominates 11 other people and answer the questions I provided. ^v^


First off, the answers to Mira's questions!

  1. When do you start using skincare? 
    I started using skin care probably around two years ago? In 6th grade, I didn't really care about my skin so it was literally housing acne. I very much regret not getting into facial products at a younger age since now I had these troubling scars to deal with. OTL
  2. What is your favorite skincare brand? Why? 
    Oh man, this is super hard to answer. I've tried so many brands; usually each having their own strong points. However, for the moment, I think it has to be Neutrogena. Though many of their products dry my face out, their products have all prevented my skin from excessive acne. *^*
  3. What is the most expensive skincare product that you've used before? How was it? 
    The most expensive skin care I've ever bought has probably been Sephora's skin care set. It was pretty decent, but not worth my $30. :< It was a foaming cleanser with face lotion that slightly clogged my pores, ugh. @A@ Not to mention the foam was really watery.
  4. The most regrettable skincare product you ever bought? Why?
    I bought a Julep box which included a face serum. I knew Julep mainly sold nail polish, so I was skeptical about the serum. Deciding there wouldn't be any harm in trying it, I applied it to my face and went to bed. Next day I woke up, my face was COVERED in pimples. ;A; It took me a week to get rid of all of them.
  5. Your opinions on makeup? 
    A lot of my friends haven't started using make up yet even though I have. They don't judge me for this, which is extremely nice of them. <3 I think make up shouldn't be sometime that is put on for someone, but instead for yourself. Make up makes me feel confident! When I see myself with make up on, it always makes me happy to see that I CAN be glamorus. Wearing make up isn't "fake", as some people call it. It's a form of art that enhances an individuals already amazing features. With that stated, make up should be something one is proud to wear.
  6. What is your favourite makeup brand? Share your must-haves from this brand.
    huifahojfio- MORE HARD QUESTIONS.
    My forever favorite brand is NYX. <3 Their products always meet their claims and is extremely affordable. The quality of NYX never fails to meet my expectations. I am in love with their Jumbo Eye Pencils. The color is always vibrant and can be used as eyeliner or eyeshadow!
  7. Foundation or BB Cream? Share me your must-haves with us.
    I actually don't wear that much BB Cream/Foundation, but one of my favorites has to be Skin79's Orange Super+ BB Cream! I love the dewy finish it gives me, perfect for winter when faces are dry. <3

  8. Your most favourite makeup palettes and brush sets?
    Blush Professional's 120 Color Eyeshadow Palette! A good friend of mine got it for her birthday and said that I could play around with it. It blended so nicely and the color was always super bright. I wore a rainbow shadow design for the rest of her party, staying on even through the pillow fights.
  9. Which celebrity looks inspired you the most?
    Make up wise, it's had to be IU. She's just so talented and beautiful that I always wondered if I could be like her one day. While browsing around, i found a picture of her without make up and perfect hair. She looked just like a normal girl! Appalled, I wondered how I would look with make up and nice hair. That was around the time when I started researching about products and how to apply them.
  10. What's your all-time favourite show/series? Why?
    All time favorite? Hmmm. I've seen so many now that it's just too hard to choose! Since I had to be on the topic of IU, the only thing coming to my head is the K-Drama, "You're Beautiful". It was a super adorable and fun to watch. <3 (and I love the concept of crossdressing- AHAHA)
  11. Top 3 places you want to go. Share with us why.
    I want to go to Japan with my boyfriend someday. We both love the culture and would love to experience it personally. Ahhh, Cat Cafes'. *A* (Though he's allergic. HAHA)

    Korea seems like another fantastic place to go. I just want to go everywhere and SHOP. My friend and I are saving up money to go on an all around Asia tour in our senior summer.

    And lastly, Switzerland. <3 I've heard so much of the beautiful terrain and towns they have there. While I'm there, it's be great to explore around Europe in general. 
My Nominations: 
My Questions:
  1. Other than make up, what's something else you love to do?
  2. Do you prefer cosmetics from where you live currently? If not, where?
  3. What are your favorite Skincare products?
  4. How many nail polishes do you own? Which is your favorite?
  5. Share your favorite toner, serum, or lotion. Why?
  6. Have you even gone through intense breakouts? How did you cope with them?
  7. Are you insecure about any part of your body? 
  8. What is your absolute favorite food?
  9. What is your opinion on plastic surgery?
  10. Do you have any home-made remedies? If so, what does it do?
  11. How much make up do you wear on an average day?

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Thank you for reading! Have a great Thanksgiving and have fun Black Friday shopping tomorrow!

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  1. wow! You started using makeup at 12?? That's way earlier than me! At 12 I only wear light compact powder and that's it! hehe
    I used Neutrogena when I was 16 and it dried out my skin and my acne was getting worst. I stopped using it and changed to Garnier. :D
    Whoa~ I bet it is a hard question if you have too many options! LOL
    I want to go to Japan too!!! :D and ah, Switzerland~
    Thanks so much dear! This is also to help me in looking for the most recommended brush sets. :D Will check that out!
    xoxo, Mira |

  2. Yeah. 8D I started cosplaying young, so make up ended up getting involved too.
    It does that for a lot of people! I use a Garnier moisturizer, so maybe that's why. LOL
    Yeessss, Japan! *A*
    And you're completely welcome! Thank you for nominating me. <3

  3. Hey darling, your questions have been answered on my blog. I had another one to do as well, so you're the second one there. I hope you enjoy my answers! Thanks again for nominating me. <3

  4. Hey dear! Thanks for nominated me as the liebster award. I just post this on my features page. Thank you xx

  5. No problem! I'll get to reading your answers. *A* <3 Excited!
    Thank you for accepting the award. ///v///

  6. Thank you for accepting! ///v///

  7. oooohman didn't notice this till now, but thank you so much for nominating me even though I haven't started things yet LOL I'LL TRY MY BEST TO ANSWER THE QUESTIONS EVEN IF THEY DONT APPLY TO ME CURRENTLY LOL

  8. LOOOL
    I know you have potential. B))) YOU GO JAZZY.

  9. I love her music choices! <3 Thank you for reading!

  10. Thank you :3 I will surely keep reading you ♥

  11. LMAO It's so hard to believe that you had acne and that you have acne scars -.- I mean, your skin is virtually flawless ._. But you're really interesting!! Please do more personal posts Gin!! I love getting to know the person behind the blog c: <3

  12. Oh gosh, see me without make up and you will be horrified. LOOL
    No, but like, then theres that feeling that people won't read it and I'm just ahiovfhiodhio-
    But thank you so much for reading Sarah! ///v// <3

  13. Thank you for tagging me Gin! :) First time I received an award so I am super excited for it! I would really love to visit Japan too! The culture is just too interesting! :)

  14. No problemo Mizu! <3
    Right? Everything is just so different. *A*
    Thank you for accepting~ <3