Friday, January 31, 2014

『Tutorial』Chinese New Years Zodiac Collaboration: Rabbit

Hello cuties! <3
Today, I'm excited to debut the collaboration me and 11 other bloggers have been working on~

That's right! Today is Chinese New Year; I thought it would be interesting to host an event for it! This year, it's the year of the horse; congratulations to them for making another round in the zodiac circle! *^*

Everyone participating in this even chooses a zodiac animal, in which is represented through a nail art, make up, outfit, etc. inspired look. 
I greedily claimed the rabbit first since I'm the host- HAHA
It's my zodiac animal; I couldn't help myself! ;v;

Art by PistachioPanda

People born in the years 1915, 1927, 1939, 1951, 1963, 1975, 1987, 1999, and 2011 are all rabbits! I happened to be born on 1999.

The rabbit is said to be the luckiest out of the 12 zodiac animals. They're usually conceived as frail and timid because of their appearance. However, many rabbit have strong spirit and wills. 

The rabbit represents elegance and beauty. 
Many rabbits are also very creative and artistic, usually turning a blind eye to the bad of the word. They're considerate and kind to friends and enemies and hate any sort of hostile acts.


I did a make up look, but also integrated an outfit to go with it! *^* I wanted my theme to be beiges, browns, and golds with a hint of gray; those colors come to me as the innocent and elegant. With the addition of those neutral, warm colors, I added splashes of pink on my cheeks show youthfulness. Rabbit also have full and round black eyes, so I wore the lenses that made my eyes pop the most.

Now, with out further blabbering from me, let's get onto the tutorial!

First off, we're going to start with a freshly washed and bare face.

Ugh, eyebags and scars are a nono. Our face needs to be as flawless as a snow rabbit's fur. Let's start with evening our skin tone with some BB Cream. I used Skin79's Super+ BB Cream (Orange). It gives amazing coverage and a warm tone to the skin.

Conceal (don't feel): 
I'm using e.l.f's concealer stick to cover up my eyebags and scars.

Bright Pact: 
In order to correctly set the concealer with out it cracking, I used TheFaceShop's Bye Bye Dark Circle Bright Pact.

Lightly patting the bright pact under my eyes sets the concealer and delays melting or cracking.

Matte Powder:
Since I'm not going for a dewy finish, I need to set our BB cream with a matte power. My favorite is Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder, which I've been using for 2 years!

Lightly dust it everywhere so it gives it a smooth and even finish.

Now that we have a base, time to move on to eyes! But before that, we need to moisturize our lips.

Not only does this give the lips a nice healthy shine, but it evens and smooths out the sensitive skin to ready it for lip products. Lip balm usually takes around 5 minutes to moisturize the lips, so it's more convenient to put it on now. This round little ball is an EOS Lipbalm in the flavor of Summer Fruit.

Grey Lenses:
I popped in my favorite and most enlarging pair of circle lenses. These are GEO's Princess Mimi (Bambi series) lenses in Sesame Grey.

Though most of the dark circle are covered up, a highlighter can never hurt! TheBodyShop's Lightening Touch concealer is great for neutralizing dark tones. 

This concealer can also be used as a primer for eyeshadow, so I applied it under and above my eyes.

Finally for some color, lets bring the eyeshadows out!

Select colors:
Start off with choosing which brown is best for your skintone. I'm using Jordana's Color Effects Powder Eyeshadow in Mr. Brown.

Dark brown: 
Sweep this color from the far corner of your eyelid and blend it into the center. Build up the brown at the outer corner and flare it slightly upward.

This is going to be your middle color! Blend it from the dark brown to create a dimensional shadow, making your eyes seem rounder. I used a color from my e.l.f 144 Eyeshadow Palette.

Glittery Liner:
I wanted to add a bit of a sparkle, so I used bareMineral's Round the Clock Waterproof Eyeliner in 11PM to achieve the slightly glittery, sharp line.

Matte Liner: 
I feared glitter dusting onto my cheeks, so I used NYX's Retractable Waterproof Eyeliner for 1/3 of my waterline. I also used a White Illuminating Pearl Pen I got from BornPretty on my corners to make my eyes seem even livelier. 

Rabbits are very cute and look innocent, so I'm going to go with straight brows.

I got this Fairy Girl Eyebrow Pencil from BornPretty as well! It fills my brows very nicely and won't create harsh lines.

This beautiful pink color from Physicians Formula's Happy Booster Blush is perfect for the apples of my cheeks. I lightly dusted it on to give the impression of youthful and natural skin.

And to conclude our make up, I generously applied TonyMoly's CatChuWink Liptint in Cherry on the inner part of my top and bottom lip to give the illusion of pouty lips. I tired to focus attention on the center to make my lips seem smaller.


Whoot! Self photoshoot time again!
//cries in corner
This takes so much time, I swear. Many of the pictures come out blurry too (like the last one) because I have to make the camera focus before I go and pose- GAH.

I put my hair in a faux bob. If you're a regular reader, you'll know that my hair is actually quite long! I got in into a fluffy short bob by doing a lot of teasing. LOOL

If anyone would like a tutorial on how to do it, I would be glad to make one! <3


Here's the links to all the other zodiac animals! Go check them all out! 8D

Rat - Phailee
Ox - Misa
Tiger - Miss Louise
Rabbit - Gin
Dragon - Elina
Snake - Terri
Horse - Rebecca
Sheep - Ashley
Monkey - Kathy (dropped out)
Rooster - GaEul
Dog - Lala
Pig - Yomi


I want to happily thank all the girls who participated in this with me. <3 Thank you to all of you for completing my crazy idea! Happy Chinese New Years to everyone, I hope you all enjoyed this little thing we did!

☆ gin ★

PS: If you didn't get the chance to participate in this one, no worries! In the near future, I'll be hosting another one of these collaborative events! This time, the theme is Cafe Sweets. ;> Look forward to it! 
(If you'd like to join in the next one and would like for me to save a spot for you, email me at! I'm only limiting this to 5 people; if you want it, do it quick! *^*)


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Friday, January 17, 2014

『Life』Versatile Blogger and Sunshine Award!

Greetings ladies!
I recently got nominated for the Versatile Blogger and Sunshine award! Two awards, I feel so honored. *A*
I was given this opportunity by Plearn from Kiss Me Sunday
Plearn is a very detailed blogger than has amazing pictures and a great writing style. It'll be great if you could check her out! <3 Thank you so much for nominating me.

So, what are these awards?

I did some research on the web to find out what the original rules of these awards were since Plearn had combined the two.

The Versatile Blogger Award

 "The Versatile Blogger Award is an award given to you by your blogger peers, for writing quality posts that have somehow touched them, having good quality photographs, and the uniqueness of the subjects covered. The award is to honor the bloggers who bring something special to your life."

  1. List 7 facts about yourself.
  2. Nominate 15 bloggers.

The Sunshine Award

Given to bloggers who are creative, positive, and inspiring, like sunshine! 

  1. Answer the 11 questions provided by the person who nominated you.
  2. Create 11 questions.
  3. Nominate 11 bloggers.

Though I will also be doing the combined version of these two (due to my utmost laziness), those nominated below are not required to. *^* If you find it difficult to do two in one post, feel free to only do one!

Okiedoke, onto 7 facts about (sadly, not very fascinating) me!

  • I'm 5'0"/153 cm with a shoe size of Men's 3/Women's 5. I'm told that I won't be growing any larger either- HAHA //cries in a corner
  • I play a lot of video games, but I don't own a single console. I leach off my friend who I, in return, help in intellectual topics.
  • Carl (my boyfriend) and I are in a long distance relationship with 300 miles in between us. Our story is actually quite interesting, something I wouldn't mind writing about if you'd guys like know. *^*
  • The violin is my favorite instrument and I used to play it a lot. I'm getting kinda rusty, but I feel as if I'm still decent! 
  • I have a big Cinnamon Roll (from Sanrio) plush that Carl gave me the first time I saw him in real life. I know it sounds cliche, but it helps me get through nights when insomnia really bothers me.
  • My cat's name is Yuki, which means "snow" in Japanese. We're planning to get a black cat soon. Name suggestions? 8D
  • Though I don't get to do so very often anymore, I really enjoy drawing. <3

And now, answers to Plearn questions!

1. Favourite High-end beauty product?

I'm supposing that this means expensive product. LOL 
To be honest, I'm not too big with expensive products. By far, the priciest beauty product I've bought so far is BioSilk's hair serum. *A* Has to be my favorite.

2. Favourite Drugstore product?
NYX's color sticks! <3 They're so cheap and plentiful. I only have a few colors from them because NYX isn't that big here. :< Hopefully I'll get a few more soon!

3. Best movies?
Wreck-it Ralph, Tangled, and Frozen. *A* I love Disney.
Oh oh oh! And 200 Pound Beauty. I just finished watching it and gosh, I forgot how amazing the ending was. ;v; I cried so hard.

4. Favourite lipstick?
I'm more of a lipstain girl so I don't own many lipsticks. I think my favorite has to be TheBodyShop's.

5. Best holiday you have been on?
Probably winter break with my boyfriend. It had been a while since I'd seen him, very enjoyable. <3

6. Favourite fragrance?
"Sweet on Paris" from Bath and Body Works! <3 I just got a body wash for it for 3USD!

7. What do you like to do in your free time?
Sing, draw, watch Let's Plays, play games, and sleep. HAHA

8. Must-have items on holiday?
A relaxing facemask and bubble/aroma bath, great food, and happiness! <3

9. If you won £1 million in the lottery what would you do with it?
Well, first I would probably buy Carl this microphone he has been wanting for forever. Then I'd give 1/2 to my parents and 1/4 to my local charity (who gives 95% of all donations to helping those in poverty). Store the rest in a bank account to let it gain interest for emergencies.

10. Biggest fear?
Being told one day that someone important to me has died. I just can't imagine what it would be like to lose someone forever; never being able to see them, hear them, or hold them. Just, lifeless.

11. Describe yourself in 3 words.
Overthinker, emotional, and loud. 

Gah, sorry. I got a little deep there. Not the time, Gin! 

My 11 nominations

I can't believe that I'm actually struggling to choose who to nominate! Since my last award, which was the Liebster Award, I was struggling to find people to nominate. I'm so sorry if I happen to be a regular reader and didn't nominate you. ;;;; I LOVE YOU BUT ONLY 11 PEOPLE SOBS-

My 11 Questions

  1. What do you do when you have cravings?
  2. Favorite place to buy clothes?
  3. What other hobbies do you do? If visual, show us! (if you're willing)
  4. Do you keep your room clean, or not so clean?
  5. How many times do you wash your hair in a week? 
  6. Favorite scent/smell?
  7. What object do you eyes first lay sight on when you look to your right?
  8. Are your walls bare, or full of things? If so, what?
  9. Do you get stressed easily? How do you deal with it?
  10. Have you ever dieted? If so, what are you experiences?
  11. Do you take supplements or vitamin pills? Which ones?

Sorry my questions are a topic and out of the blue. LOL I got inspiration from looking around my room.

Anyways, thank you once again for the awards! ///v/// I'm very pleased about finishing exams and being able to relax today. Whoohoo for 5 day weekend! <3

Thank you all for reading! Have a great day! 8D

☆ gin ★


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Sunday, January 12, 2014

『Review』Skinfood: Black Sugar Perfect First Serum

Hello lovelies!
I apologize for my inactiveness over the past week. Last week was hectic with exam review and quarter grades being finalized. My mom also had a heart attack and was hospitalized. :'< She just got released today, but I still worry.

But anyways, onto today's review!

I got this in a little shop in New York that happened to be having a Skinfood sale. It was quite a good price for the full sized bottle, but I didn't receive any of the special whips they offered online. I bought it for 19.99 USD.


Sorry for the blurriness. It was cloudy on the day I took this. ;v;

A first serum that provides exfoliating, brightening, wrinkle-soothing and hydrating benefits in a single formula. Use daily for smooth, soft skin.

Active Ingredient 

  • Black Sugar - Darker and healthier then brown sugar. It is also a natural exfoliator and moisturizer, which seems to match it's claims. By the gentle exfoliation, it's great for removing dead and scar skill cells.


Just like water, clear and runny! I was surprised at how it managed to actually absorb onto my face; I was just expecting it to cleanse it. It was slightly sticky after use, but nothing I minded. Quite an amount was required to cover my whole face, I've recently started to only use it on my t-zone and forehead.


Definitely doesn't smell like black sugar. We use it a lot for various asian recipes in replacement of processed sugar. It kinda smells like diluted artificial vanilla with an undertone of alcohol. However, it's not bad; it's very subtle. It's a rather nice smell for my morning routine. 

Final Thoughts

Thank you Skinfood for making this product! I don't think my face has even been more brighter and healthier than it is now. I've also noticed that my acne scars have faded a bit. Plus, my skin has gotten extremely soft and smooth, all my friends have been touching it. My BBCream also fits my skin better now! The grey undertone I once had has receded exceptionally, hopefully to be extinguished with time and use. *^*


  • Fades acne scars
  • Brightens complexion
  • Removes grey undertone after continuous usage
  • Smells nice
  • Removes dirt and moisturizes


  • Quite pricy
  • A bit sticky after application

Would I Repurchase?

As of right now, my thoughts are no. There are so many more serums out there for me to try, plus the regular price for this one is just too expensive. I doubt I'll be able to find another deal for this in the future. If I did, however, I would grab it in a heartbeat. 

Final Score: 9.5/10

Thank you so much for reading guys! <3
I'm going to go and study for exams now, sighs-
I'm prepared and all, just super scared cause these are going to be my first high school exams. ;A; 

☆ gin ★


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Sunday, January 5, 2014

『Review』Liese Prettia Bubble Hair Color: Royal Brown

Hello lovies! 
So since its a new year, I decided I would also dye my hair a new color. 8D 
When I went to New York, I saw Liese Prettia's Bubble Hair Color on sale. There was also Palty there, but I decided I would get the one that costed less cause I'm a big cheapster. HAHA

I was contemplating over whether I wanted an ashy brown or a bright brown. Unable to choose, I closed my eyes and grabbed a random one from the shelf. I ended up with Royal Brown, which is a milky, lightish brown that has a brightness of two stars out of five.

The image looks so photoshopped- AHA CRIES 
Sadly, the box got a bit ruined in the process of walking in the rain. Since my bag was so big, it didn't fit the umbrella Carl and I were sharing. He did tell me to tie my bag up so the stuff inside wouldn't get wet, but I was lazy- LOL

I found the picture on the left from their official site. It shows here that the hair color will only change slightly if you have super dark hair. I was kinda sad when I saw since I was hoping for a much lighter brown. :'<

There are directions and such on the back, but I can't read Japanese. OTL
However, KAO has provided us a very helpful translated version of this on their website. *^* 
After skimming through it and reading important warnings and tips, I started unboxing it!

Here's what we have.

  1. Solution 1, which I'm guessing is the color. 
  2. Solution 2, I have no idea what this is. LOL
  3. Gloves, warnings, and instructions. It was all in Japanese, so I just quickly looked at the pictures.
  4. Rinse-Off Treatment
  5. Foamer Cap

Pour Solution 1 into Solution 2!

DO NOT SHAKE, but flip the bottle five time.

Replace the white cap with the foaming cap. Be careful not to squeeze the bottle or else foam will come out.

I got on my gloves and I started applying from the top!

The Smell

OH GOD, I WAS LITERALLY CRYING. It was like full on chemicals in my face; I even had a hard time breathing. OTL 
No but really, you need to wear a mask with this. I had to keep the solution in my bathroom, hold my breath, plunge in there and get a pump, then run out to fresh air. It was like mission impossible. :c
It was alright at first, but then it kinda felt like I was breathing hairspray. The smell was sickly sweet and definitely not breathable. 

So I finally got every last bit into my hair and it still wasn't enough. LOL 
Apparently my length of hair needed two boxes of dye. I'll have do make do with ombre. :'>
I left it in for around 40 minutes!

Now before I show results, lets take a gallery walk of my black hair. 8D

I tried to find pictures of where I didn't use filters, which was quite a few.
But yeah! Though it's not jet black, it's quite dark compared to the color I wanted.

Aaaaaand the reveal!

The color was so perfect! *A* Even though only the top of my hair was dyed, I loved the nice ombre it gave. <3 The color did come out pretty evenly and my hair wasn't the least damaged after using it. (Note that I have thick hair though. I'm not sure about usage on thin hair.)


  • Even outcome
  • Final color is close to claim color
  • Does not harm thick hair
  • Relatively inexpensive (mine was $10!)


  • Horrible smell
  • Nothing is in English
  • Slightly messy

Final Thoughts

I was extremely happy with the color that it gave, very accurate to the display on the box. Though I really wasn't a big fan of the smell. That was a big negative for me. :<

Final Score: 7/10

Would I repurchase? 

Probably not. I'm going to try Palty next time. Hopefully I don't gag and die with that one.

Thank you so much for reading! <3

☆ gin ★


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Saturday, January 4, 2014

『Haul/Life』New York 2013!

 Hello lovies! 
As promised on my previous post, here's my New York Haul! In addition to showing you what I got, I'll also be talking about my trip in which I got to see my boyfriend (Carl) again after half a year. *A*
 JUCIY DETAILS. ;DD (Nothing really happened AHAH-)

Anyways! I'll first be showing the items I got, incase those of you aren't too interested in my personal life. Carl showed me to a lot of shops where they sold asian cosmetics and cute items! Though he was complaining about how long I was taking to pick out products (I swear I didn't spend more than 25 minutes in each shop. :'<), props to him for even going with me! 8D

Now that I really look at it, I didn't actually get much. But then again, some of these products were around $20-

What I will be doing a review on:

  • Liese Prettia - Bubble Hair Color: Royal Brown
  • Vivian Circle Lenses: 3 Tone Blue 
  • Barbie Eye Circle Lenses: Diamond Pink
  • Lioele - Active Therapy Ampoule: Whitening 
  • TheFaceShop - Lovely Me:ex Bright Pact
  • TheFaceShop - Lovely Me:ex Magic Pink Power Mask
  • TheFaceShop - Lovely Me:ex Make Up Base #1 (Green)
  • TheFaceShop - Lovely Me:ex BeBe Lip Mask
  • TheFaceShop - Arsainte Eco-theraphy Extreme Moisture Essential Cream
  • Skinfood - Egg White Pore Mask
  • Skinfood - Black Sugar Perfect First Serum

Which one do you guys want me to review first? Comment below!

Okiedoky. on to adventures in New York! 


We woke up at around 6 AM and left the house a hour later. We had a 5 hour drive ahead of us, so we wanted to leave early.

I did a pretty natural make up look, but Carl still ended up commenting on it later when we met up. HAHA 
I blame the sparkly eyeshadow primer. :c
It was quite a boring ride, but after 4 1/2 hours of driving, we finally got to the Holland Tunnel.

Or should I say, Hollaad Tonnel. The Christmas decorations were still up at this time since it was just 3 days after. I thought this was pretty funny.

Then, after going through the Hollaad Tonnel, we arrived in Manhattan! *A*

This was the first thing I saw after stepping out the car. I know, elegant. 
Being the rebel I am, guess what I did?

We went to go eat Korean BBQ at a restaurant called Wonjo. It was literally 2 stores away from our hotel!

Everything was sooooo good. <3 There was so many delicious side dishes and the meat was marinated to perfection! It was the first time my mom and I ate at a korean restaurant; we both loved it. *A*
I ordered pear juice because I thought it sounded cute, tasted just like the asian jello my mom always buys~

After our meal, they had a complimentary ginger and honey tea for digesting all that meat, even that was great. We ended up eating everything that we got. LOL

Satisfied and full, we returned to out hotel room to ready ourselves to go to Time Square. Being super tourists, we ending up getting lost. The amount of time we spent was probably enough to get all the way to Brooklyn.
We did end up finding our way though! I met up with Carl at Forever 21 and we were off to find our friends, Aly and Justice. Aly gave us directions to Sunrise Mart, which was a market similar to a Japanese Connivence store, so we could meet them there. 

After meeting with Aly and Justice, we went to a book shop that sold really nice pencils. Though they were super expensive-

We went to a few more stores and then Justice had to leave. So Carl, Aly, and I went to Forever 21. We ended up trying to find Carl the gayest pants imaginable. AHA

Guess who that tall guy is.
Me. B)
(ahahha no i'm that short girl)

It was late, so we said out goodbyes and I headed back to Koreatown with my parents for the night. Since the biggest Macy's in the world was literally a 5 minute walk away from us, we went to take a look. I got shoes that were more comfortable than my heels since I had many blisters. @A@

We ate dinner at a bread shop on the way back since we were all tired.

I got a curry croquet (which I bought again for breakfast) and a strawberry mousse.

We headed back to our hotel and slept. I fell asleep at around 11PM and woke up at around 2AM. Of course, with my insomnia, I couldn't fall back asleep. Sighs.

I ended up rolling around until 5AM. That when I got up and decided to exercise in the fitness room downstairs. I then took a shower and proceeded to wait till my parents woke up.

We then walked our way to the theater where I met up with Latto, Miyu and Carl. We watched Frozen! ///A///
(if you're wondering why some of the names are so weird, we're all from a community where we use aliases; I'm already used to calling them by their screen names.)

Afterwards, we went to Chinatown's Elizabeth Center, which is where I bought most of the items in my haul. Carl and Latto were kinda being dragged along since Miyu and I were browsing so much. 
It was raining really hard, so we took shelter at Vivi Bubble Tea where I had Takoyaki for the first time! *A* It was soooo good. I got another box for the ride back home. 

We tried to take selfies, but
they kinda turned out like this-

I laugh really obnoxiously. 
(matching icons though. 8'D)

So, since I had a 5 hour ride going back home, we decided it was time to part. Carl took me back to the hotel since I had no idea how the train worked. 
We were supposed to go uptown to Manhattan, but instead we went uptown to Brooklyn. LOL 

Though I'm kinda happy that happened, I got to spend more time with him. Though there weren't any seats or places to hold on to (that I could reach), so I clung onto him. //clings

We switched trains and went back to Manhattan and actually got seats! 8D I slept on his shoulder the whole time, it was super relaxing. (I KNOW CLICHE SHHH)

Before I left to go meet my parents, I finally initiated a kiss. It was really hard because he was so tall. I had to make him kneel down a bit, but I 

I had a period of time after I got home where I kinda just moped around cause I was lonely. Long distance is so painful sometimes. :'<

But anyways! That's my New York journey! Did anyone else go to cool places during winter break?

Thank you for reading and I hope you guys had a relaxing break!

☆ gin ★


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Thursday, January 2, 2014

『Music』New Covers and Introduction to YouTube/Soundcloud

First off, Happy New Year! 

It's finally 2014, and I've already made my 10th date mistake. HAHA-
Today's post is introducing what makes my blog special in a way. *^* With addition to loving make up and cosmetics, I also regularly sing and record covers for YouTube.
However, I'm quite not the norm when it comes to online singing. I sing a selection of songs, usually originally sang by Vocaloids (songs mainly in Japanese). I'll leave you research on what that is if you're interested, but I mainly cover these songs because many of the producers who use them are amazing.

I posted this cover yesterday for New Years. Though I don't think it's my best, it's something. 8'D The song was super hard to sing; I even quit halfway through at one time. OTL

I also post random tracks and in progress covers on my Soundcloud. You can download most of my covers there, but I also have box links on my video if the MP3 is requested. *^*
I recently did a cover of "Love is an Open Door" with my good friend Seka and Hans. You can find it on her YouTube or my Soundcloud. 

Soundcloud: Love is an Open Door [/w download]


That's all for this post! I hope you guys can check my singing accounts out if you happen to have the time. ///v/// <3

Look forward to my New York haul post which will also include details about my trip! Though my boyfriend was really unwilling to go make up shopping with me, he still ending up dragging his feet with me and moping around the store. HAHA-
A public apology to Carl. 8'D

Anyways, more details in an upcoming post! *^*
Thank you for reading as always! <3

☆ gin ★


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