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『Life/Tips』Hair Journey/Routine

Hello everyone!

(Warning, this will be wordy!)

Recently, a lot of people have complimented me on my hair.
To be completely honest, I'm really proud of it too! Today, I'm going to share my routine for hair care and what I think works best for split ends.

In 6th grade, I literally had a bob. No kidding, I had hair to my shoulders and I absolutely HATED long hair. This was because my hair was extremely sensitive to heat and I got split ends everytime it grew out. However, in 7th grade, I started realizing that I should've actually taken care of my hair. LOL
I started trying out products and slowly found a routine that was perfect for me. I went from a bob to mid-back length hair in the span of one year.

(Just woke up with nothing done to it.)

Alrighty! So, these are the products I use.

(Three products are used in the shower. The other two are used after.)

My hair isn't that oily, so I usually wash my it every other day so my natural oils can nourish my roots. I'm currently using Herbel Essences' Color Me Happy Shampoo and Conditioner because of the swimming I've been doing recently. It really does protect my color. Plus, it add a really pretty gloss.
I usually lather for a good two minutes before rinsing. As for conditioner, I get a good amount on my hand and lather it from my ends up. Since your scalp already produces it's own oil, your roots aren't going to be your main focus. After putting on a shower cap, I proceed to wash my body for around five minutes before lightly rinsing in lukewarm water.

I use Herbal Essences' Honey I'm Strong Rinse Off Treatment every two weeks. I leave it for 15 minutes, using this in the place of my conditioner, . During this time, I'm usually doing my bed routine. (Washing my face and body, bushing my teeth, etc.)
This treatment really does work WONDERS. My hair feels super soft after rinsing and it smells absolutely amazing. (like honey!)

After washing, I always rub in Organix's Coconut Milk Anti-Breakage Serum on my ends. I then massage the rest into my roots for fragrance. Though this doesn't really help your hair overnight, I've definitely seen improvement over the course of a month. I have no split ends now and it feels extremely soft, even to the ends of my hair.

I also put in Garnier Fructis' Sleek & Shine Leave-in-Conditioner. Just like the name says, it keeps my hair flat and shiny. I apply a generous amount all over my damp hair before letting it air dry. Then I brush it out, giving me great smelling hair that's also super soft and frizz-less.

The right amount of product can really help your hair, but it's also what you do and eat that matters. I recommend getting eight hours of sleep --- no more, no less. Make sure you stay away from those sugary drinks and salty snacks. A bit won't hurt, but eating healthy is a key priority to longer and fuller hair.

Fish oil pills are something that will promote your hair growth from the inside.

(They look kinda disgusting, I know. :<)

I take two pills everyday! The Omega-3 fats will make your hair, skin, and heart healthier. The fatty acids in fish oil is something our bodies can't make; many people even have Omega-3 deficiency.
The fats regulate growth and promotes hair and skin health.

The ones I take are quite big. You might have trouble swallowing this if you don't regularly take pills, so I recommend getting small ones first!

After doing all this for a year, my hair is now healthy and long!

(Ignore my slight acne scars. ;A;)
Thank you so much for reading, and I hope you have found this post helpful! <3

(Panda decided to sit on the ledge today.)
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