Thursday, February 13, 2014

『Review』Liolie: Active Therapy Ampoule (Whitening)

Snow day greetings!
I'm trapped inside today; the sky has given us yet another 14 inches of snow. HAHA

So I thought, what a perfect time to write up a blog post! 
Excuse my absence of posting. I recently got casted into a musical and rehearsals have been taken most of my time. Not to mention I also finally got a sewing machine, so I've been spending lots of time on that. 8'D A lot of excitement in my life right now; I have 5 photoshoots scheduled for Saturday and Sunday at Katsucon! @A@

Now, onto the review! 


A whitening serum that transforms sordid and dark skin into clear and bright skin.Contains large amounts of  stabilized vitamin C and arbutin to improve resilience to moisturize and revitalize skin tone. Also hyaluronic acid which is an excellent moisturizer improves dried and tired skin caused by external environments.

Active Ingredient 

Stabilized Vitamin C - Regular Vitamin C protects the skin from sun damage, but oxidizes very quickly. Once it does, it has no more beauty benefits. However, once it''s stabilized, it becomes highly concentrated. It also prevents discoloration because it slows the production of pigment cells.

Arbutin - A common extract from a bearberry plant that's used for lightening skin. It's a very common ingredient for products that have whitening properties.

Hyaluronic Acid - This is going to sound a bit disgusting, but it's actually found inside our body. It keep in moisture because the acid molecule loves water and is very good at containing it. It's usually used as a substance to keep easy movement in our joints.

Texture & Color

I expected it to be sticky and slimy, but it was very smooth and felt water based. Runny though, which I don't mind. If kinda feels like I'm just applying a layer of toner! The yellowness of it kinda sets me off, but nothing too bad. 8D


Actually, it doesn't smell like much. It's a very warm and refreshing scent, but so subtle to the point of almost nothing. Though, if I were to describe it, the fragrance is a mix between flowers and a sweets bakery.

Final Thoughts

I think this might have to be one of my holy grails! So sorry I didn't take before-after pictures; I really didn't think this would be all that amazing since it was on a major major sale. I think I only paid $6 for this, mainly got it for it's super cute packaging! HAHA The original price is much more expensive though. :c 
I have bareface picture from today and 2 months back; hopefully these can show you how nicely my skin has brightened. It also dulled some of my more obvious scars!

Back when I still had black hair!
It left my skin feeling supple and moisturized, no greasy or stickiness! 8D You really only need around 2-3 drops of product. Ampoules are much more concentrated than serums, so I usually dilute it with my toner. Though the ingredients in here are sometimes known to irritate, I experienced none of it even with my super sensitive skin.


  • Whitening
  • Slight scar fading
  • Adorable packaging
  • "Little goes a long way"
  • No stickiness/greasiness
  • Mousturising


  • Icky color
  • Pricy

Would I Repurchase?


Oh my god, of course! Though I would have to buy it again the next time I go to New York. Cheapster Gin has to buy it at the lowest prices. 

Final Score: 9.5/10

Thanks again for reading as always! <3 I hope everyone enjoys Valentines day; I'm going to be out doing photoshoots! <><>

☆ gin ★


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  1. Wow, your skin has improved a lot! (not that it was really
    bad :P) Like you, I have a lot of acne scars and would like them to fade away a
    bit. I've never tried an ampule before but your review has made me want to try
    this one out :D

    Also, please post your pictures from Katsucon! I want to see
    your awesome cosplay pics :)

  2. I've been eyeing this. I think I'll get some whenever I am able to buy things again.

  3. Nice review! Thank you :')
    Your skin looks great after the therapy!
    ✿ Rinako ✿

  4. Oh my god, where did you get this in NY? This is exactly the product I need and I didn't know this was available in NY! The packaging is also adorable!

  5. Happy Valentine day, Gin ^^
    I always want to try Lioele whitening ampoule but haven't decided to buy it until now XD
    I can see that your skin condition is better in after pics :)

  6. Ah! This is another Lioele product I've been wanting to try. I MUST BUY IT NOW.
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this, Gin!
    Happy Valentine's Day. <3

  7. wow! before and after pictuures are really helpfull^^ Thank you for the nice review ~~

    Happy valentine's day!

  8. This looks like a nice product. Could it be that it is comparable with OST Vitamin C Serum?

  9. This looks wonderful! I've never tried any of Lioele's skincare products before, but this seems to be worth looking into. And the packaging is cute :)

  10. Oooh~ This looks so nice~ I might have to get this. Thanks for the review~ :D

    And OTL Gin you're doing way more things than I ever did throughout my entire high school life. LOL

  11. I usually don't break out this often but this year I have because of stress and bad habits >-< I'm still in the process of getting rid of the scars so I'll definitely try out this product!

    Can't wait for your cosplay pics~

  12. I think I know what you're talking about! I had no idea they sold it there; thanks for telling me!

  13. How that it sounds! I might as well give this a try!

  14. wah~ sounds awesome. Definitely gonna do research on this some more. thanks gin, for sharing! xx, Mira

  15. This looks soooo amazing! I'm going to look it up ASAP and hopefully find it for cheap too :D I have a ton of acne scars and I feel like this will help. Your overall skin tone looks amazing ^^

  16. wowww!! it looks amazing!! I really wanna try it! How much is it around? >__< I'm such a cheap-ster too >___<

    ohhh! yay for sewing machine! Just wondering, if I want to learn to sew, what type of sewing machine should I get/start out with??? <3


  17. what other products were you using at the same time dear? i need an acne scar fader =(

    also, i still can't reply to your comments on my blog :'(

  18. the before/after comparison is so impressive! O.o this product seems to be really amazing, thanks for reviewing it! <3 just followed your blog and looking forward for more posts!

  19. OMG it looks amazing, I will give it a try! Thanks for sharing Gin <3

  20. Yesss. *^* Thank you for reading! <3

  21. I love this product so much, deff buying more next time. *A*
    Thank you for reading!

  22. I love this product waaaay too much, HAHA
    It deff will, I hope it fades your scars as much as it faded mine! *A*
    Thank you for reading. <3

  23. Original price was around $15, but I have seen it go up to as high as $20. OTL
    I got a Brother XL-2600i and it works great. *A* Perfect for beginners~ I got it around $80! 8D

    Thank you for reading!

  24. I've been using Neutrogena Natural's acne scrub; it's really gentle and I use it everyday. *A*
    I've also been using Skinfood's Brown Sugar Serum. <3 Another one of my favs.
    Hopefully my routine can help you a bit. *A*
    Aghhh, I don't know what's wrong. :'< I'll look into that in a bit.

    Thank you for reading!

  25. Tell me how you feel about it! *A*
    Thank you for reading. <3

  26. I see!

    ouuu! Did you find it on amazon or from a crafts/fabric/etc. store? :D

  27. wow only $6 O.O i want this :3 how much is its original price with out the discount? btw i would actually get this for its cute packaging too LOL. good luck on your musical! post some pics and soundcloud stuff, you really remind me of gabriella from HSM

  28. Amazing result! *A* Maybe it is because of lighting but your skin looks perfect!! I should definetely try it *O*
    Thank you for a great review! <3

  29. Right right, such a bargain. *A*
    I think the original here was around $16? I've seen it go up as high as 20 on some sites though. :c
    Thank you so much! *A* I barely post on soundcloud anymore, HAHA- School is just soooo busy. ;;;;
    Thank you for reading!

  30. It probably is half because of lighting, but it had improved quite a bit none the less. 8D
    Thank you so much for reading! <3

    On amazon. 8D Free shipping though!

  32. Indeed, it's great! *A* <3
    Thank you so much for the follow! I'll check out your blog too~ ;D

  33. You lucky girl! Your skin now looks amazing!

  34. Gin, the serum looks amazing! If it helps fade acne scars, I'm totally for it. (I made bad skin care choices as a teenager-- good for you for taking care of your skin!)

    OhCindyRella~ Beauty & Lifestyle Blog~

  35. Wow that's amazing! I haven't had great experiences with Lioele, maybe I should reconsider...

  36. This looks like such an amazing product!! *u* It worked so well I'm so tempted to get it now~ :3
    -- 清美 ♡

  37. WOAH this looks like it really works and all the ingredients ahve been known to brighten. PLUS they keep it in an opaque bottle which means none of the ingredients will breakdown and not work...must have.

    A Beautiful Zen

  38. Gogogo! This is amaaaazing. <3
    Yeah, I find myself picking at pimples sometimes GAH HANDS DON'T DO THAT.
    Thank you so much for reading!

  39. This was my first product from Lioele, but I've heard many good things about them. Deff reconsider! 8D
    Thank you for reading! <3

  40. Yess, keep it in mind! It's really helpful and it's lasted me quite a long time now!

  41. Yeah! *A* I noticed that there wasn't any sort of de-coloration even after such a long time after opening.
    Thank you for reading! <3

  42. this product sounds great. i would love to get my hands on it.