Friday, April 25, 2014

『Talk』Rest in Peace, Ryan

Hello guys. 

I have a very serious topic that I would like to talk about today. 
I'll be addressing depression and suicide. I strongly recommend you all to read this.

Many of you have probably heard about it hundreds and hundreds of times already. However, watching a mischievous and playful friend succumb into depression so deep that it led to suicide emotionally struck me. 

Today, just an hour ago, my friend Ryan Walden died from an attempted suicide. 
He was rushed to the hospital this morning, but it was too late.

Ryan, a freshman like me, was the most clever and respectful person I've ever met. He was only 14, his birthday only a few months away from now. 

Most importantly, he's a person I've spent four years with. He is a child of loving parents and brothers. He is a friend to many. 

We have all been impacted by his passing. 

I am crying as I'm typing this. I still can't believe that the boy I saw just a week ago, the boy who I helped with homework, the boy who say next to me, is now gone. 


There will always be an empty seat next to me, as if almost waiting for him to come in one day so everything would be normal again. 
But it's won't. 

Death is irreversible. To realize he was hiding his depression, to realize I didn't notice; I feel guilty. 
Maybe I could've done something. 
Maybe I could've prevented this even if it was just one little action, such as going to visit him or asking to hang out. 

Depression is serious. As someone who went though it before, I can truthfully tell you that there are more types of depression than there are different types of snowflakes. 

Depression can lable many emotions. I know many of you mean well when you say, "I know how you feel." 
When you're that deep in depression, however, no one wants to hear that. 

Just be there for them. 
Reach out to them. 
Let them know you're thinking about them. 
Let them know you care. 
I beg of anyone who has difficultly staying in this world to talk to someone you trust. 
Hotlines, family, 911, etc. 

The impact you leave and the life that you abandon is impossible to reverse. 

Life is beautiful. 

Rest in peace, Ryan. 



  1. wow, that's sad news... I'll be praying for you and your friend's family. Suicide is definitely something really difficult to deal with, and many times people don't really expect another to commit suicide. It's definitely difficult for all those involved, especially since that person is a special part of others' lives.

    There will be deep sadness in knowing that you'll never see him again, but please don't feel guilty. It is easy to think that we would have done something to prevent the suicide, but I think now just focus on remembering him as a person, a friend--some one special in your heart. Try to show your love and support to your friend's family, because they are suffering the loss of a son/brother. Be there for each other.

  2. Rest in peace, Ryan. I think Anna's comment says it best v

  3. Aww rest in peace for Ryan, your friend. You should be strong too :'(
    Well...I wanted to comment about blogging at first but reading this makes me sad too ;_;
    Anw Gin, you're so pretty and young! Your English skill is great too. Really, you're so perfect to me =)) I'm feeling old and ugly T^T)
    Anw following you on GFC! Mind to follow back?^^
    Thank you <3