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『Review』TheBodyShop: Tea Tree Oil Skin Clearing Lotion

"Like, if there was a drought, and people was thirsty, and one man had a large cask of water and gave a sip to none. Then he'd be a killer with no blood on his hands." 
-Assassin's Creed IV

Hello everyone! Again, my apologies for not posting more frequently. 
(sorry for being a lazy butt ahahah-)
So many people are close/already taking finals. I happen to not be, since our finals are after winter break. The reason I haven't been really keeping up with blogging is because of video games- HAHA

If you guys didn't know already, I'm actually a huge gamer. I mostly play story games and mmorpgs, since first person shooters don't interest me and I'm not one for horror (unless it has a good plot). I recently got into Assassin's Creed again. Sadly, I don't have any more consoles, so I settled with watching walkthoughs. I've literally spent probably more than 14 hours watching them now. LOOL 
(pls don't hurt me for being so unproductive OTL)


Anyways! On to today's review!
Since it's almost Christmas, I wanted to do something festive.
This container is green-
That's a Christmas color-


I got this product from a "Buy 1, Get 2 Free" sale from the TheBodyShop quite a long time ago. It came in a tiny bottle for around 9USD.


Sutible for blemished skin. Lightweight hydration with shine-control for clearer looking skin. Infused with tamanu oil.
"The Body Shop difference: Tea Tree Skin Clearing Lotion will moisturize with a light, mattifying lotion that hydrates skin and controls oil while helping to clear and prevent blemishes. 
Community Fair Trade tea tree oil, lemon tea tree, and tamanu oil work together to keep skin clear by helping to prevent blemishes and blackheads, and controlling excess oil. Best for combination or oily skin. 

Active Ingredient

  • Tea Tree Oil  - Great for getting rid of pimples! It has disinfecting and soothing properties that won't strip your face of it's natural oils. All natural oils also won't clog pores or cause further damage.
  • Lemon Tea Tree - Also used for inflammatory acne. It has natural disinfecting properties with the addition of being able to keep excess oils at bay.
  • Tamanu Oil - Known for it's amazing skin healing properties. It promotes the formation of new tissue, replacing the rough scarred skin caused by acne. It also has disinfecting properties.


The lotion comes out in gel like formula that's almost slightly watery. Even though it isn't thick and creamy, it holds and won't drip. It's also very spreadable, making a little go a long way. A pea sized amount on my finger tip is usually enough for my whole face. It smooths on very nicely, leaving a soft matte finish.


It smells extremely medical. At first I hated the smell, always having to hold my breath whenever I applied it. However, as I started using it everyday, I actually started liking it. LOL
Though it smells pungent with herbs, it's also very relaxing; this is probably because of the lemon tea tree oil. For people with sensitive noses, this may not be the best moisturizer for you.

Final Thoughts

Amaaaaazing! I've been looking a while for a lotion with tea tree oil. When I found this, I was super skeptical since it was encased in a tiny bottle that seemed like it would last me a month (at most). However, one I started using it, I noticed such a change in my face. Along with my WonderPore Toner, it balanced the oil levels of my face out perfectly. Though it did cause a bit of a burning feeling the first few times, which apparently went away around a week as read from others. Mine didn't, probably because of my super sensitive skin.
 I also noticed my scars fading exceedingly, turning them into small red/brown dots on my face. Most of my small forehead acne have disappeared, with the exception of the few big one. It's perfect for daily use and leaves a very nice matte finish with great blemish combat.


  • Moisturizing 
  • Fades scars
  • Relatively inexpensive
  • Minimal product usage
  • Leaves a matte finish
  • Tones oil levels 
  • Combats blemishes


  • Burning sensation
  • Pungent smell 
  • Might be too intense for sensitive skin

Would I repurchase?

Probably not, just because of the burning feeling. I might get just a bottle of tea tree oil to fight those pimples, but I'd like to stick to something that won't burn my face as much. 

Final Score: 8.5/10

Thank you so much for reading! I'll be leaving for New York soon, very excited to see my boyfriend after a half a year. ///A/// <3 Any suggestions on where to go? I'll be around the Time Square area.
Have a happy holidays! <3 Don't forget to eat lots!

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  1. I love the oil control/pore cover base they have from this line! It smells weird, but it definitely works well and doesn't make my skin look bumpy like some other bases do. I've been meaning to try this one =)

  2. It fades acne scars??? Ohh, I am so getting this.

  3. The burning sensation sounds scary haha*-* But it sounds like it's still a good lotion though, The Body Shop usually sell really nice products~ the body butters are my favouite, smells sooo good omg^^ Thanks for sharing your review Gin! x

  4. Oh wow, I haven't seen the oil control products yet! *A* Must look into that later~
    You totally should! I'm going to try the night cream next since a lot of people have been commenting of the medical smell I always carry around. HAHA-
    Hopefully the night cream doesn't have a lasting fragrance. 8'D

  5. Yess! *^* It has faded my scars sooo much. I wish i could've done a comparison picture, but I didn't think that there would be such a difference!
    Thank you so much for reading! <3

  6. Oh gosh, do you know how much I was freaking out the first time I tried it? LOOL
    I was scrubbing my face like crazy trying to get it off //cries
    Too true! *A* I've been a fan of their body butters for ages now! I have the apple one that was so distinctive even my boyfriend could notice. 8'D
    Thank you for reading! <3

  7. i have the tea tree cleaner
    like the herbal smell
    great sharing

    would you like to follow each other?
    Gfc / google plus:
    Please, let me know! ;)

  8. Oh really? How is it? I was considering to get that, but I already had my Wonderpore cleanser at home.
    And sure! Thanks for reading Emily! <3

  9. Hi :)
    I've always wanted to buy this product, so thank you so much for the review!
    Do stop by my blog sometime ^_^

    -Misha |

  10. Great review! ♥
    I love tea trea products so i will definitely go and find it here in Japan or when i go back to Australia! I love that tingling soothing feeling!! Hahahahaha

    Hope you had a great Christmas!


  11. It's a great product. *^* I'm deff addicted.
    Of course! I'll go check it out now! 8D

    Thank you for reading! <3

  12. You like that feeling? LOOL I find it kinda strange-
    Just can't get used to it. OTL
    Thank you so much for reading Emiri! ///v///