Tuesday, December 10, 2013

『Talk』Cosplay and Gallery

Hello everyone! 
Today I'll be talking about a very different matter compared to my usually posts of reviews and beauty. If you guys like clicking and happened to read my "about" page, you'll know that I'm an active cosplayer in addition to just loving make up.


What is cosplay?


1. the practice of dressing up as a character from a movie, book, or video game, esp. one from the Japanese genres of manga and anime.

Cosplay has always been a trifling matter between people who love it and people who hate it. Though it isn't really a big deal, many people have the sterotype that cosplayers are noisy, weeaboos, and just in general, annoying. Many have also countered the fact of showing excessive skin as nudity and sexualizing them selves for attention (mainly directed towards women).

However, it's something I've been doing ever since I was 10. Even though it isn't largely considered, cosplay IS a form of art! At lot goes into making costumes (and even saving up to buy! There's nothing wrong with buying a cosplay that's too hard for you), doing make up, and even just having the bravery to wear something so extremely out of the ordinary. More effort is put into photography and editing so our cosplays our captured perfectly.

And the people! The people you meet when cosplaying and going to cons are always amazing. I've met so many great friends that have stuck with me through thick and thin from these events, usually sharing my same interests and even introducing me to many more. *A*

If anyone who reads my blog and happeneds to dislike this activity. I do respect your opinions and I am quite alright with criticism. I have met many cosplayers in the past who have been very stuck up and mean. However, just like every other "group", there are the good majority and the not so much.


Onward to pictures galore (which will be in chronological order).


Character: Medusa
Series: Soul Eater
Oh god.
Ok, this one's slightly embarrassing. LOL
I did this cosplay almost 3 years ago and I had make it by hand. 8D No sewing machine. Everything with scissors, needles, and string. God it took forever. @A@


Character: Ciel
Series: Black Butler
I actually wore this with a friend (who isn't pictured in this) who cosplayed another character from the same series. I did buy this one online, but tailored it to fit my own accord. The waist area and shoulders were a bit loose. OTL 
This was from around 2 years ago. 8D


Character: Kuroko
Series: Kuroko no Basket
Annnnd here's something from last year! I had to buy this too, since it was a sports uniform. I never got a proper chance to do a photoshoot for this, but didn't look half bad for my first genuine crossgender cosplay. Hopefully I have the chance to wear this somewhere this year!


Character: Ahri
Series: League of Legends (game)
Alrighty! Finally something I'm proud of! I debuted this cosplay at Katsucon 2013, which was this year. My friend actually was making the cosplay for herself, which did not fit her because she accidentally used my measurements. She ended up giving it to me because she was really struggling to fit into it. So, to match it, I decided I would quickly make a set of tails that would go with it. I might be remaking them soon though, as they're not exactly fluffy. ;D


Character: Luka (girl) and Mysterious Ex (guy)
Series: Just Be Friends (song)
And my most recent photoshoot, dating back to this summer. 8D My boyfriend had came to visit, and we decided we would do a couple cosplay. Instead of an actual series, we based it off a song.
(I cut his hair because he asked me to but omFG I DID SUCH A BAD JOB-)



Well, that's all for today! I'll probably have to be going back to school tomorrow after two nice days of being snowed in. ;v;
I don't want school- ;;;;;;
Alrighty, bye lovelies! <3 Have a great day!

(I really hope none of you judge me for this- ahahah)
☆ gin ★


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  1. Wow! You look amazing! I've always wanted to cosplay, but I'm too lazy to put any real effort into anything. v.v

  2. Your Ahri cosplay is adorable. <3

    ~*~*~*~Btw, please check out my blog! If you leave any comments on my posts, I will happily return the favor! I will follow back too!



    Thank you!<3

  3. Your Ahri cosplay is adorable! <3

    ~*~*~*~Btw, please check out my blog! If you leave any comments on my posts, I will happily return the favor! I will follow back too!



    Thank you!<3

    I always wanted to coplay anime characters---but.....BUT!!! Well, I just can't. Those wigs and costumes are too expensive for me ._.
    You look so pretty while cosplaying as Luka!!<3 have you ever cosplayed Kagamine twins too?<3<3


  5. wow, great photography! the cosplay is so kawaii <3
    btw thank you for always commenting on my blog! you're so pretty as well :)


  6. I LOVE your cosplays! <3 I did an Ahri cosplay myself this year for Gamescom 2013 but to be honest, I love yours even more thanks to the wonderful fabric that was used! Mine looks more plain, like the ingame model :)
    Your progression is really darn visible. :o I'm looking forward to seeing more of your cosplays.

  7. You look gorgeous in all the pictures! I especially love the Ahri outfit, so pretty omg*-* x

  8. Oh, don't worry. I feel you. LOOL
    I actually did a cosplay of L from Death Note.
    If you google it, well-
    It's a white sweatshirt and worn jeans. 8'D
    Thank you so much for reading! <333

  9. Oh god, some outfits took less than a week. Some are taking more than half a year cause I'm such a lazy butt when it comes to sewing. It's like I'll have everything cut and pinned, then they'll just lay somewhere until i'm productive enough to set up my sewing machine (which broke sobs).
    YEAAAH. 8D I just got into contacts this year, but I've been using wigs 5ever.

    To be honest, wear a skirt and a white button down and you have a generic anime heroine.
    And you totally should! (it's just super expensive thooough. ;v;)
    Thank you for reading Michellyyyyyy~ <3

  10. Yo, I feel you. LOOOL I saved up so much for some of these. OTL

    But then again, having connections with wig retailers is nice too- AHA

    Thank you so much! <3 I've cosplayed Matryoshka Rin before, but I haven't gotten any /great/ pictures. However, I have sang a lot of covers of Rin songs on Youtube! 8D

    (my friend and I sang the last Synchronicity song, which is my most popular vocal cover next to my Attack on Titan one. //SHAMELESS ADVERTIZING)

    Thank you for reading as well! <3

  11. Thank you so much! ;v; I try my best. <3
    Thank you for reading as well! <3333

  12. All thanks to amazing photographers! Who I should actually credit whoops-
    And of course! I love your posts. *A*
    Thank you for reading! <3

  13. Oh really? *AAA* That's awesome! I'd love to see it~ (do you happen to play BTW, we should totally play sometime. ;DDD)
    Yess, the friend who made it works at a fabric shop. 8D She got these half price even though they'd usually be really expensive. @A@

    Thank you so much Elinaaa! <3 For reading as well!

  14. Ahhh, thank you so much Emily! ///v/// <333
    I try my best, but a lot of it is actually editing- AHAHA

    Thank you for reading as well! <33

  15. Why of course I play :D You can add me if you want! (underwaterECHO on EUW but I have a smurf on NA too)
    They do look really expensive too! ^.^° I probably could not afford them for a cosplay. Especially not since my tails cost a little over 100€ and they still were far from perfect :(
    You're welcome! :) <3

  16. Love your cosplay pics. I wish I could cosplay as well ^^ but wow your Ahri cosplay is simply the best you look soooo gorgeous and flawless <3

  17. Aww! Anyone can cosplay! *A*
    Thank you so much! <3 It's probably my most popular cosplay. 8D (Though I feel like that's be cause it shows a lot of skin--AHAHHA)
    Thank you so much for reading Misa! <3

  18. Ahh, I don't play on EUW. OTLL
    My main is GrannyGin on NA. 8D
    Yeaaaah. I bought basically the cheapest material for my tails- LOOL I think I might add some covers for it though.

  19. I did do a cosplay of L one Halloween because I already had everything I needed. XD

  20. I want to try and do cosplay too but the costumes can get expensive even if you diy them :(

  21. Great photos! I can't help but like the last photoshoot the best since you have pink hair, haha :D Although the photographer did a good job as well. :)
    I haven't really gotten into cosplay myself...I have thought about it several times, though . :D

  22. Agreed! OTL I don't usually buy them unless I absolutely have to. I'm starting to get into more complicated patterns though, so hopefully hard cosplays will be in my reach soon!
    Thank you for reading! <3

  23. Whoot whoot for wigs! *A*
    The phtographer is actually my friend! She's really pretty herself too. <3
    It's scary to get into it, totes understand. LOL
    Do consider though! You're really beautiful~
    Thank you for reading!

  24. ooooo the ahri costume is my fave :) i actually want to try cosplay too, like maybe dress up as some of the characters i used to play in a game ^^ btw omg you handsewn an entire cotume that takes serious skills and i salute you for that! you look a pretty as always gin, you should also try rinoa from final fantasy you would look great in her costume <3

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  26. Yess! Handsewing is a butt though. I got so many pricks that I could feel the sting everytime I used hand sanitizer. OTL
    ajizobjicf Thank you so much! ///A///
    Oh god, I LOVE FF! <3 Rinoa would actually be perfect to do! *A*
    Thank you so much for reading! <3

  27. Aw! Thank you! <33 I'll be sure to check out your blog~

  28. WOW you're gorgeous !!!!! I'm so in love with your Ahri and your 'just be friends' cosplay >~< I do cosplay too but I'm not as professional as you ; o ; Please never stop cosplaying lol you're too beautiful to not be aq cosplayer *^^*

    Btw, thanks for always leaving nice comments on me blog ^ u ^ I followed you back now, you deserve mooore followers gurl !


  29. Ahhh Mindyyyy! ahuohfd thank you so much! ///v///
    Oh really? Who have you cosplayed? *A* I would love to see pictures. <3
    No problem! I really love your posts. <3 You're so naturally adorable and I always see you leaving the nicest comments on other's blogs.
    And thank you! I feel honored! <3