Saturday, January 4, 2014

『Haul/Life』New York 2013!

 Hello lovies! 
As promised on my previous post, here's my New York Haul! In addition to showing you what I got, I'll also be talking about my trip in which I got to see my boyfriend (Carl) again after half a year. *A*
 JUCIY DETAILS. ;DD (Nothing really happened AHAH-)

Anyways! I'll first be showing the items I got, incase those of you aren't too interested in my personal life. Carl showed me to a lot of shops where they sold asian cosmetics and cute items! Though he was complaining about how long I was taking to pick out products (I swear I didn't spend more than 25 minutes in each shop. :'<), props to him for even going with me! 8D

Now that I really look at it, I didn't actually get much. But then again, some of these products were around $20-

What I will be doing a review on:

  • Liese Prettia - Bubble Hair Color: Royal Brown
  • Vivian Circle Lenses: 3 Tone Blue 
  • Barbie Eye Circle Lenses: Diamond Pink
  • Lioele - Active Therapy Ampoule: Whitening 
  • TheFaceShop - Lovely Me:ex Bright Pact
  • TheFaceShop - Lovely Me:ex Magic Pink Power Mask
  • TheFaceShop - Lovely Me:ex Make Up Base #1 (Green)
  • TheFaceShop - Lovely Me:ex BeBe Lip Mask
  • TheFaceShop - Arsainte Eco-theraphy Extreme Moisture Essential Cream
  • Skinfood - Egg White Pore Mask
  • Skinfood - Black Sugar Perfect First Serum

Which one do you guys want me to review first? Comment below!

Okiedoky. on to adventures in New York! 


We woke up at around 6 AM and left the house a hour later. We had a 5 hour drive ahead of us, so we wanted to leave early.

I did a pretty natural make up look, but Carl still ended up commenting on it later when we met up. HAHA 
I blame the sparkly eyeshadow primer. :c
It was quite a boring ride, but after 4 1/2 hours of driving, we finally got to the Holland Tunnel.

Or should I say, Hollaad Tonnel. The Christmas decorations were still up at this time since it was just 3 days after. I thought this was pretty funny.

Then, after going through the Hollaad Tonnel, we arrived in Manhattan! *A*

This was the first thing I saw after stepping out the car. I know, elegant. 
Being the rebel I am, guess what I did?

We went to go eat Korean BBQ at a restaurant called Wonjo. It was literally 2 stores away from our hotel!

Everything was sooooo good. <3 There was so many delicious side dishes and the meat was marinated to perfection! It was the first time my mom and I ate at a korean restaurant; we both loved it. *A*
I ordered pear juice because I thought it sounded cute, tasted just like the asian jello my mom always buys~

After our meal, they had a complimentary ginger and honey tea for digesting all that meat, even that was great. We ended up eating everything that we got. LOL

Satisfied and full, we returned to out hotel room to ready ourselves to go to Time Square. Being super tourists, we ending up getting lost. The amount of time we spent was probably enough to get all the way to Brooklyn.
We did end up finding our way though! I met up with Carl at Forever 21 and we were off to find our friends, Aly and Justice. Aly gave us directions to Sunrise Mart, which was a market similar to a Japanese Connivence store, so we could meet them there. 

After meeting with Aly and Justice, we went to a book shop that sold really nice pencils. Though they were super expensive-

We went to a few more stores and then Justice had to leave. So Carl, Aly, and I went to Forever 21. We ended up trying to find Carl the gayest pants imaginable. AHA

Guess who that tall guy is.
Me. B)
(ahahha no i'm that short girl)

It was late, so we said out goodbyes and I headed back to Koreatown with my parents for the night. Since the biggest Macy's in the world was literally a 5 minute walk away from us, we went to take a look. I got shoes that were more comfortable than my heels since I had many blisters. @A@

We ate dinner at a bread shop on the way back since we were all tired.

I got a curry croquet (which I bought again for breakfast) and a strawberry mousse.

We headed back to our hotel and slept. I fell asleep at around 11PM and woke up at around 2AM. Of course, with my insomnia, I couldn't fall back asleep. Sighs.

I ended up rolling around until 5AM. That when I got up and decided to exercise in the fitness room downstairs. I then took a shower and proceeded to wait till my parents woke up.

We then walked our way to the theater where I met up with Latto, Miyu and Carl. We watched Frozen! ///A///
(if you're wondering why some of the names are so weird, we're all from a community where we use aliases; I'm already used to calling them by their screen names.)

Afterwards, we went to Chinatown's Elizabeth Center, which is where I bought most of the items in my haul. Carl and Latto were kinda being dragged along since Miyu and I were browsing so much. 
It was raining really hard, so we took shelter at Vivi Bubble Tea where I had Takoyaki for the first time! *A* It was soooo good. I got another box for the ride back home. 

We tried to take selfies, but
they kinda turned out like this-

I laugh really obnoxiously. 
(matching icons though. 8'D)

So, since I had a 5 hour ride going back home, we decided it was time to part. Carl took me back to the hotel since I had no idea how the train worked. 
We were supposed to go uptown to Manhattan, but instead we went uptown to Brooklyn. LOL 

Though I'm kinda happy that happened, I got to spend more time with him. Though there weren't any seats or places to hold on to (that I could reach), so I clung onto him. //clings

We switched trains and went back to Manhattan and actually got seats! 8D I slept on his shoulder the whole time, it was super relaxing. (I KNOW CLICHE SHHH)

Before I left to go meet my parents, I finally initiated a kiss. It was really hard because he was so tall. I had to make him kneel down a bit, but I 

I had a period of time after I got home where I kinda just moped around cause I was lonely. Long distance is so painful sometimes. :'<

But anyways! That's my New York journey! Did anyone else go to cool places during winter break?

Thank you for reading and I hope you guys had a relaxing break!

☆ gin ★


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  1. You and your boyfriend are so adorable OTL T~T <3 Sounds like you had a great time though! I can't wait to see the reviews! :D

  2. Oh gosh, Gin, you are adorable! :D I am looking forward to that circle lenses review a lot! I always enjoy reading those even thought I never buy some. My boyfriend doesn't quite like coloured contacts so that sealed the deal for me :/ It looks like you had a lot of fun. :) The strawberry mousse looks delishious by the way *___*

  3. Awww sounds like you had an amazing day! I can just imagine you dragging your boyfriend into every single shop HAHAHAHA. You guys are just too cute asdfghjkl. And the Korean BBQ sounds super yum! Now I'm super hungry. x

  4. Yesss. *^* I had an amazing time. Though the next time I go, I'm deff going during the spring. Winter is just too cold to be walking around outside. Carl forgot to bring a coat both days. HAHA
    Thank you so much for reading! <3

  5. I already have them soaking! I'm planning to review one tomorrow or the next week. *A*
    Yeah, Carl isn't a fan of them either, but a cosplayer needs them in order to make their look perfect.
    We had /tons/ of fun. I was so sad when I was leaving though. :'<
    Oh god, I wish I could have it again. It was the perfect fluffiness and had a great balance between sweet and sour. <3
    Thank you for reading! <3

    Though he was holding the umbrella, it was my umbrella. B) IM IN CONTROL YEAH.
    It was great. *A* Deff not healthy though, with all that meat- AHAHA
    Thank you so much for reading Michelle! <3

  7. D'aww! It sounds like you had a great time - I'm glad you got to see your boyfriend! I wish I could've spent the holidays in New York... I always find new things to see and do there. Takoyaki is delicious, but I always forget to wait for it to cool down and usually end up scorching the roof of my mouth - worth it though!

    Great haul! I'm curious about the bubble hair colour. I keep seeing boxes of those at the Asian markets around here and haven't tried them yet. I usually buy Palty, but only because I'm familiar with how it works for me. Can't wait to see the reviews. :)

  8. Looks like so much fun to me! I wish I can go to New York! I've always wanted to visit the Big Apple. Wah~ you got so many stuffs I want you to review! First thing first is the Skinfood Black Sugar Perfect First Serum! Thanks for sharing with us!
    Haha :D me too! Here in Malaysia we have several shopping malls that have 3 to 4 Korean cosmetics stores in each of them and I'll definitely spent at least half an hour in each store! LOL
    Enjoy your weekend! Xx,

  9. Awwwwww seems like you had a lot of fun and sweet moments there! It must be so happy to meet your boyfie again after half a year! Soooo lovey dovey, huh? Ou<)d
    About the review, the circle lenses first please! Well tbh it's because I don't know anything about makeup .__.

  10. omgg you're so lucky! love your new york haul! <3
    and you're so pretty!! gaaaah D: and your dinner looks so delicious!
    hope you had a good time with your boyfriend! :)


  11. I absolutely love the small stores in New York. *A* I always find the cutest things there that happen to perfectly fit my budget.
    Takoyaki is indeed delicious. I bought so many of them. LOOL
    I did the same my first time! HAHA Totally worth it!

    I actually already dyed it- WHOOPS
    I did it on New Years and was thinking of doing a post for it, but I thought it might have been better to do things in chronological order.
    I'll do a review on it shortly! <3
    Thank you for reading! ///v///

  12. It's really crowded! @A@ I almost got ran over because there were so many people. Thankfully my boyfriend was a great guide, or else I would probably still be stuck there. AHHA
    I've been using it for the past few days and I have to say it's actually AMAZING. I'm really excited to do a review on it. *A*
    Really? QAQ There isn't a single one where I live. I have to buy from online or go to far places like New York. OTL
    Thank you for reading Mira! <3

  13. More like we just started talking about video games. AHAHHA
    But yes, there were romantic moments here and there. ;DDD
    I already have a pair soaking! They're both Japanese brands and their diameter is INSANELY LARGE.
    The pink pair are 17.5 mm and I'm just sitting here wondering how I'm going to be able to wear them.
    Thank you for reading Christy! <3

  14. Ahhh, i'm more envious of your buys in Japan. ;v; ahudihuoa
    Thank you so much! ///A/// <3 It really was though it wasn't much. AHAH
    I definitely did. I can't wait to see him again. *^*
    Thank you for reading Emiri! <3

  15. My friends are great. *A* We're all weird together. AHAHA
    Yep! That's him in all his 5'11" glory ahhahahcries i'msoshortcomparedtohim-
    It was a great day. ;v; We're over a year now! 8D

    Oh really? What color? I have seen Palty around a lot, but I kinda just grabbed this off the shelf because Carl was rushing me. HAHAH
    Mine sorta did? I was pretty impressed because I have jet black hair. You'll see soon!
    Thank you so much for reading Mindy! <3

  16. UWAHHH! All those goodies! Please do a review of that Prettia hair dye. I have solid black asian hair that doesn't lighten easy. But I suppose this product is marketed for Asians, so perhaps it'll be more effective.

  17. That strawberry mousse looks glorious!

  18. Those goodies are so nice looking I will be waiting for your reviews haha. You and your bf are so cute I even smile reading your post like when I'm reading shoujo manga xD kinda cute he noticed your eye makeup too lol (my bf never know) I shall read your liese review now haha <3

  19. So much nice stuffs... I wish that London had these stuffs... or maybe they have, but did not try to find it since many peoples online said it's more expensive than buying online XD

  20. It definitely was. LOOL Even now, with already more than 5 washes, My hair is still the same, bright brown color. *^* I would recommend it if you don't want to bleach your hair. 8D

  21. It indeed was. <3 Similar to the one I made, but a little more thick and creamy! 8D

  22. Once exams are over, I'll have time to write reviews for everything. *^*
    We both watch a lot of anime; I guess it's kinda've rubbed off on us. LOL
    He kept saying how I shouldn't have worn make up and I was all, gurla i wore it to try to impress u /palease/
    Thank you so much Misa! <3

  23. London is probably not the best place to buy products like these. LOL I've also heard that they charge quite a lot of asian cosmetics.
    The things I got were all on an after holidays sale. *A* IT WAS GREAT. <3
    Thank you for reading Yomimi!

  24. Nice reviews! And I love your blog!, followed! I have also nominated you for the sunshine and versatile awards on my blog, the post will be up today so please check it out and follow!xxx

  25. Thank you so much! <3 ///v/// I'll look in to that and your blog right now. Thank you also for nominating and reading my review. <33