Thursday, January 2, 2014

『Music』New Covers and Introduction to YouTube/Soundcloud

First off, Happy New Year! 

It's finally 2014, and I've already made my 10th date mistake. HAHA-
Today's post is introducing what makes my blog special in a way. *^* With addition to loving make up and cosmetics, I also regularly sing and record covers for YouTube.
However, I'm quite not the norm when it comes to online singing. I sing a selection of songs, usually originally sang by Vocaloids (songs mainly in Japanese). I'll leave you research on what that is if you're interested, but I mainly cover these songs because many of the producers who use them are amazing.

I posted this cover yesterday for New Years. Though I don't think it's my best, it's something. 8'D The song was super hard to sing; I even quit halfway through at one time. OTL

I also post random tracks and in progress covers on my Soundcloud. You can download most of my covers there, but I also have box links on my video if the MP3 is requested. *^*
I recently did a cover of "Love is an Open Door" with my good friend Seka and Hans. You can find it on her YouTube or my Soundcloud. 

Soundcloud: Love is an Open Door [/w download]


That's all for this post! I hope you guys can check my singing accounts out if you happen to have the time. ///v/// <3

Look forward to my New York haul post which will also include details about my trip! Though my boyfriend was really unwilling to go make up shopping with me, he still ending up dragging his feet with me and moping around the store. HAHA-
A public apology to Carl. 8'D

Anyways, more details in an upcoming post! *^*
Thank you for reading as always! <3

☆ gin ★


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  1. OHMYGOD YOU SOUND SO ADORABLE AND REALLY GOOD. I love listening to Vocaloid covers, but I really like yours most. *o*

  2. omg Gin your voice is so cute >.<
    I have followed your Soundcloud, check out mine too if you have time ^^
    Happy New Year :3

  3. ahifosi thank you! ///v/// <333
    I'm in a whole community of people who cover vocaloid songs. 8D Some of the people you listen to might be some of the people I talk to on a regular basis. HAHA-
    Thank you so much for reading as always! <333

  4. Thank you so much! *A*
    I will definitely check you out. 8D Thank you for following. <3
    Happy New Year as well! <3 Thank you for reading too!

  5. omy! your voice! so adorable! i hardly see any bloggers have a soundcloud account, i am also on soundcloud posting on covers too! you're jus too adorable (( :

  6. Gin, your singing is so cute and lovely! I haven't listened to any of the original songs yet, but in my mind, your voice certainly matches very well with the music. :)

  7. Awww your voice is so cute!<3<3
    I just followed you in soundcloud! (:

  8. Right? Not many bloggers sing- HAHA
    hoahifos thank you so much! ///v///
    Oh really? Whats your soundcloud? I would love to hear your voice. *A*

    Thank you for reading! <3

  9. Ahhh, thank you so much Terri! ;v; <3 I don't get that too often since my voice isn't quite the blending type.
    Thank you so much for reading as well! <33

  10. Thank you so much Christy! ///A/// <3
    I followed you back. *^* I see you've watched Clannad~

  11. Nooooooo did you hear it? My voice is horrible ;A;

  12. Wow My Dear Android sounds really hard LOL You've improved a lot since I last listened to your singing!!! Keep it up Gin <3

  13. Oh my dripping jesus christ, it was hell- LOL
    Thank you so much Sarahhhhasuofhdgf ;v; <3

  14. aiovdijs GIRLY YOU SOUND FINEE. ;V; <3

  15. Aww so cute!! I saw your dance videos as well ^^

  16. one some parts there you sound like gabriella from HS musical! :)