Friday, January 17, 2014

『Life』Versatile Blogger and Sunshine Award!

Greetings ladies!
I recently got nominated for the Versatile Blogger and Sunshine award! Two awards, I feel so honored. *A*
I was given this opportunity by Plearn from Kiss Me Sunday
Plearn is a very detailed blogger than has amazing pictures and a great writing style. It'll be great if you could check her out! <3 Thank you so much for nominating me.

So, what are these awards?

I did some research on the web to find out what the original rules of these awards were since Plearn had combined the two.

The Versatile Blogger Award

 "The Versatile Blogger Award is an award given to you by your blogger peers, for writing quality posts that have somehow touched them, having good quality photographs, and the uniqueness of the subjects covered. The award is to honor the bloggers who bring something special to your life."

  1. List 7 facts about yourself.
  2. Nominate 15 bloggers.

The Sunshine Award

Given to bloggers who are creative, positive, and inspiring, like sunshine! 

  1. Answer the 11 questions provided by the person who nominated you.
  2. Create 11 questions.
  3. Nominate 11 bloggers.

Though I will also be doing the combined version of these two (due to my utmost laziness), those nominated below are not required to. *^* If you find it difficult to do two in one post, feel free to only do one!

Okiedoke, onto 7 facts about (sadly, not very fascinating) me!

  • I'm 5'0"/153 cm with a shoe size of Men's 3/Women's 5. I'm told that I won't be growing any larger either- HAHA //cries in a corner
  • I play a lot of video games, but I don't own a single console. I leach off my friend who I, in return, help in intellectual topics.
  • Carl (my boyfriend) and I are in a long distance relationship with 300 miles in between us. Our story is actually quite interesting, something I wouldn't mind writing about if you'd guys like know. *^*
  • The violin is my favorite instrument and I used to play it a lot. I'm getting kinda rusty, but I feel as if I'm still decent! 
  • I have a big Cinnamon Roll (from Sanrio) plush that Carl gave me the first time I saw him in real life. I know it sounds cliche, but it helps me get through nights when insomnia really bothers me.
  • My cat's name is Yuki, which means "snow" in Japanese. We're planning to get a black cat soon. Name suggestions? 8D
  • Though I don't get to do so very often anymore, I really enjoy drawing. <3

And now, answers to Plearn questions!

1. Favourite High-end beauty product?

I'm supposing that this means expensive product. LOL 
To be honest, I'm not too big with expensive products. By far, the priciest beauty product I've bought so far is BioSilk's hair serum. *A* Has to be my favorite.

2. Favourite Drugstore product?
NYX's color sticks! <3 They're so cheap and plentiful. I only have a few colors from them because NYX isn't that big here. :< Hopefully I'll get a few more soon!

3. Best movies?
Wreck-it Ralph, Tangled, and Frozen. *A* I love Disney.
Oh oh oh! And 200 Pound Beauty. I just finished watching it and gosh, I forgot how amazing the ending was. ;v; I cried so hard.

4. Favourite lipstick?
I'm more of a lipstain girl so I don't own many lipsticks. I think my favorite has to be TheBodyShop's.

5. Best holiday you have been on?
Probably winter break with my boyfriend. It had been a while since I'd seen him, very enjoyable. <3

6. Favourite fragrance?
"Sweet on Paris" from Bath and Body Works! <3 I just got a body wash for it for 3USD!

7. What do you like to do in your free time?
Sing, draw, watch Let's Plays, play games, and sleep. HAHA

8. Must-have items on holiday?
A relaxing facemask and bubble/aroma bath, great food, and happiness! <3

9. If you won £1 million in the lottery what would you do with it?
Well, first I would probably buy Carl this microphone he has been wanting for forever. Then I'd give 1/2 to my parents and 1/4 to my local charity (who gives 95% of all donations to helping those in poverty). Store the rest in a bank account to let it gain interest for emergencies.

10. Biggest fear?
Being told one day that someone important to me has died. I just can't imagine what it would be like to lose someone forever; never being able to see them, hear them, or hold them. Just, lifeless.

11. Describe yourself in 3 words.
Overthinker, emotional, and loud. 

Gah, sorry. I got a little deep there. Not the time, Gin! 

My 11 nominations

I can't believe that I'm actually struggling to choose who to nominate! Since my last award, which was the Liebster Award, I was struggling to find people to nominate. I'm so sorry if I happen to be a regular reader and didn't nominate you. ;;;; I LOVE YOU BUT ONLY 11 PEOPLE SOBS-

My 11 Questions

  1. What do you do when you have cravings?
  2. Favorite place to buy clothes?
  3. What other hobbies do you do? If visual, show us! (if you're willing)
  4. Do you keep your room clean, or not so clean?
  5. How many times do you wash your hair in a week? 
  6. Favorite scent/smell?
  7. What object do you eyes first lay sight on when you look to your right?
  8. Are your walls bare, or full of things? If so, what?
  9. Do you get stressed easily? How do you deal with it?
  10. Have you ever dieted? If so, what are you experiences?
  11. Do you take supplements or vitamin pills? Which ones?

Sorry my questions are a topic and out of the blue. LOL I got inspiration from looking around my room.

Anyways, thank you once again for the awards! ///v/// I'm very pleased about finishing exams and being able to relax today. Whoohoo for 5 day weekend! <3

Thank you all for reading! Have a great day! 8D

☆ gin ★


If you happen to follow me or like my posts, comment below and link your blog! I'll be sure to check it out. ★


  1. UWAHHHH! You're so small and adorable! And your love story sounds interesting too! I'd really like to hear it someday! And thank you for nominating me too! I have a large writeup I'll do in the future for these awards. I just don't really know what to go on about, and I'll end up rambling on and on.

  2. Eep. I'm a sucker for cute love stories. Please tell. :3 Hehe, I finally found someone shorter than me. Yippee! (Only by two inches.. ;-;) You're so adorable though omg.

  3. My friend is 5'0'' too but don't worry! It just means you can wear heels and still be shorter than guys ^^ I hope you can tell us more about your boyfriend some time; you guys are so cute!

  4. High-five to short people with small feet! My sister constantly teases me for my tiny feet. :P
    Thanks so much for the nomination, Gin!

  5. Will be definitely writing a blog post about it! ///v///
    Ahaha! I'm always looking for ladies that are shorter than me. 8'D I wear heels everyday though, so it's slightly manageable,
    You're welcome! You deserve it. <3

  6. Little do they know that I'm actually part of the FBI. (ʘ‿ʘ✿)
    I'll write about it soon! *^* As soon as I dish out another review. BD
    That's smart, compiling everything into one. LOL It's alright, I'm sure most of us end up rambling in these types of posts.
    Thank you for reading. <3 You're welcome for the nomination!

  7. That's one of my many problems. My boyfriend happens to be 5'11", nearing 6'. AHAHHA-
    Holding hands is rather awkward. LOL
    Of course. *^* I need to write a post about it now.
    Thank you for reading! ///v///

    My friends always make me compare feet sizes to tall boys. HAHA
    I actually find it kind of funny that some people have hands as big as my feet.
    You're welcome! <3 Thank you for blogging!

  9. Seems interesting! *A* //well actually because it gives something to post rather than nothing. Good luck for the nominations ;3

  10. im fun size too! im 5'3-ish but on some days im 5'6 (heels) lol. btw gin im looking for the zodiac sign inspiration collab in your blog, i cant seem to find it. when are you girls posting it? im super excited about that :) aaand thank you thank you for nominating me i appreciate it! <3

  11. Hey! You have a very lovely blog! ^_^

    Lets stay in touch! Lets follow each other on gfc, g+, bloglovin' .. DO let me know will follow right back!

  12. Aww your answers are so cute! Thank you for nominating me Gin! x

  13. Omg, congratulations!! I loved watching 200 Pounds Beauty too, and I agree the ending was EPIC. Btw, I'm doing an international giveaway on my blog, and thought you'd like to check it out! :D
    Misha |

  14. Gin! Thank you so much for nominating me!
    I am a very lazy person as well.. so i haven't done a post on this yet but i will definitely! Hopefully tomorrow or the day after :)
    I read your answers and they are very interesting! love reading your posts <33


  15. I love Wreck It Ralph, when it first came out I think I watched it 5 weeks in a row, one time twice in the week LOL. Everything is soooo cute! Frozen was so good too! I think I've seen part of 200 lb Beauty but I can't remember the ending well. I will have to watch that again.

    Oh by the way, when you comment on my blog your profile shows as a "no reply" commenter, which means somewhere in your setting you need to enable replies to your comments I think. (There's no reply button next to your comments)

    Congrats on the nom!

  16. Of course! *A* I love your travel posts. <3
    Take your time~ I can't wait to read your answers. 8D
    Thank you for reading. <333

  17. OH MY GOD
    I swear, I've seen it more than 30 times now. It's crazy that I haven't gotten it on DVD yet. I'm a huge retro gamer, so I understood all of the references that were in there; absolutely loved it! <3
    Yes, please do! *A* It's seriously something one cannot miss.

    Oh really? I'll look into that!
    I don't know what happened, people could reply to me before and I sure didn't touch the settings at all. :c

    Thank you for reading! <3

  18. yay for the award. my friend is the exact height and shoe size and she has the most awful time looking for sure (as you're probably aware lol). i really really enjoyed tangled. i think i like it much more than frozen actually.

    A Beautiful Zen

  19. Congrats on the award, Gin, and thank you for the nomination (I'll get to it eventually, I promise *A* )

    Oh, how is BioSilk's hair serum? I'm actually looking for serum for my hair, since my hairdresser told me that my hair is a bit damaged OTL'''

    And your biggest fear - that's my biggest fear too. It's really scary just thinking about that possibility.

  20. waaa, I'm going to cry in the corner too because I'm told I won't grow any taller D:
    shorties unite~

  21. I FEEL HER PAIN, UGH. //cries in corner
    Tangled deff had a better plot than Frozen, better jokes too. LOL
    But did you know Tangled actually made an appearance in Frozen? At the end of Tangled, they talk about going to Arendelle for their honeymoon in the summer.


    Thank you for reading! <3

  22. Thank you Junjun! <3 I'm very excited to read it~

    I actually did a review on it a while back! *A* Happily to say that even my long hair hasn't even used a fifth of the bottle yet- HAHA

    Yeah. We're still young now, but I always wonder what it'll be like when we're 50 or 60. ; - ;

    Thank you for reading. <3

    Thank you for reading! ///v/// <3

  24. I always forget you are only 14, man you are so accomplished for a 14 year old!

  25. I love your blog


  26. I personally don't think I've done anything that's really "accomplishing", but thank you Jasmine! ///v/// <3

  27. Hey Gin! I think Marxie figured out what you need to do so that I can reply to your comments :) she was having the same problem as you, where I can't reply to her comments on my own blog...she added me back to her Google Friend Connect / Google + circles and now I can comment back to her!

  28. Omg we're basically the same height and shoe size. T__T I feel you bro, I feel ya. Didn't know "Yuki" meant snow, so pretty! I'm not too great with names but... maybe "Blackie" for your black cat? nvm. T-T

  29. How am I not following really good blogs right now...I am so far behind on keeping up with beauty bloggers these days... (hate college OTL)

    But Frozen<3 and Lipstains are definitely my favorite too! And you should really do a post of your LDR with Carl~ You guys are probably really cute together <3 ^_^ Mm...why not Kuro or something along the lines of that for your black cat? >.<

    Followed you via GFC and bloglovin! ....still can't believe I haven't followed you before because I remember reading your blog posts... bad memory....

    Love, Aimee

  30. Oh really? I was positive I added you. Let me go do that now! *A*

  31. Bro, we must cry together.
    But then I was just like, am I actually going to name my cat a color.
    And then I was like, DID I SERIOUSLY NAME MY CAT SNOW-
    It'll come to me.
    One day. LOOL
    Thank you for reading! <3

    I definitely will write one in the near future as soon as I settled in my new semester. I'm trying to get a solid A before I start intensively writing posts again.
    I was also considering that, but I was trying to get the opposite of snow. However, what the heckie is the opposite of snow? LOL

    Aww, thank you! <33 I hope you enjoy my posts. ;v;