Sunday, January 12, 2014

『Review』Skinfood: Black Sugar Perfect First Serum

Hello lovelies!
I apologize for my inactiveness over the past week. Last week was hectic with exam review and quarter grades being finalized. My mom also had a heart attack and was hospitalized. :'< She just got released today, but I still worry.

But anyways, onto today's review!

I got this in a little shop in New York that happened to be having a Skinfood sale. It was quite a good price for the full sized bottle, but I didn't receive any of the special whips they offered online. I bought it for 19.99 USD.


Sorry for the blurriness. It was cloudy on the day I took this. ;v;

A first serum that provides exfoliating, brightening, wrinkle-soothing and hydrating benefits in a single formula. Use daily for smooth, soft skin.

Active Ingredient 

  • Black Sugar - Darker and healthier then brown sugar. It is also a natural exfoliator and moisturizer, which seems to match it's claims. By the gentle exfoliation, it's great for removing dead and scar skill cells.


Just like water, clear and runny! I was surprised at how it managed to actually absorb onto my face; I was just expecting it to cleanse it. It was slightly sticky after use, but nothing I minded. Quite an amount was required to cover my whole face, I've recently started to only use it on my t-zone and forehead.


Definitely doesn't smell like black sugar. We use it a lot for various asian recipes in replacement of processed sugar. It kinda smells like diluted artificial vanilla with an undertone of alcohol. However, it's not bad; it's very subtle. It's a rather nice smell for my morning routine. 

Final Thoughts

Thank you Skinfood for making this product! I don't think my face has even been more brighter and healthier than it is now. I've also noticed that my acne scars have faded a bit. Plus, my skin has gotten extremely soft and smooth, all my friends have been touching it. My BBCream also fits my skin better now! The grey undertone I once had has receded exceptionally, hopefully to be extinguished with time and use. *^*


  • Fades acne scars
  • Brightens complexion
  • Removes grey undertone after continuous usage
  • Smells nice
  • Removes dirt and moisturizes


  • Quite pricy
  • A bit sticky after application

Would I Repurchase?

As of right now, my thoughts are no. There are so many more serums out there for me to try, plus the regular price for this one is just too expensive. I doubt I'll be able to find another deal for this in the future. If I did, however, I would grab it in a heartbeat. 

Final Score: 9.5/10

Thank you so much for reading guys! <3
I'm going to go and study for exams now, sighs-
I'm prepared and all, just super scared cause these are going to be my first high school exams. ;A; 

☆ gin ★


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  1. I might see if I can pick this one up, it sounds quite amazing! And I'm a sucker for Skinfood's vintage style packaging.

  2. Skin Food's black sugar line seems very popular , now I can understand why :))

    Following you via bloglovin!

  3. This serum is so popular! I see everyone trying it out >~< It's awesome that it fades acne scars and brightens. I've been looking for something like that but I think the price is meeeh T__T
    Thanks for this review, Gin <3


  4. I can now see why this serum is super popular *-* It's amazing that it can fade acne scars!
    The price is a little... pricey but! I think this product is totally worth it! I shall add this to my wishlist ^^
    Thank you for you review~

  5. I've been looking for some good review about this serum *-* I think maybe I'll buy it. Hahaha.
    I invite you to my blog, i'm doing my frist giveaway where you can win a pair of glasses from Frimoo.
    PD: I'm a new follower. ^.^

  6. It is! *^*
    As well, aha. 8'D I find the bottle to be too cute! Though my cat likes to knock over things, so I keep this secure in a basket.

  7. Definitely. <3 They're actually hosting a special promotion on it right now! 8D I'm tempted to try out the mask.

    Followed as well! Thank YOU for following! <3

  8. Right? I was so excited when I saw this sitting in all it's glory on the shelf! Thank god I didn't have to buy it online, paying for the original price and shipping. OTL
    Thank you for reading Mindy! <3

  9. Right? In just a few weeks of using it too. I'm hoping for most of my scars to be completely faded after I finish using the entire bottle.
    It is! Just gotta wait for a good deal or for Skinfood to mark it down. LOL
    Thank you for reading! <3

  10. Thank you so much for the follow and for the invite to your giveaway! <3
    It's quite a nice serum, doing what it claims and more. *A*
    Thank you for reading!

  11. I hope your mother is doing fine! Thanks for this review! Been looking for a serum lately, but the price. Meh. T_T

  12. I can only buy them online so I am waiting for's discount time ~~

  13. Woahh I'll be sure to get this serum asap! *o*
    Thank you for sharing this review <3

  14. Sounds like a great product - and I hope your mum gets better soon x

  15. hey Gin, hope everything's fine with your mum.
    Wah~ finally the review that i have been waiting for!
    I absolutely live this product and will review ut soon as well. hehe right now I'm still on travel with family so yeah~
    Anyway, nice review and i will be looking forward to read your reviews some more! :D
    xx, Mira |

  16. She is! *^* I've been trying to help her with daily activities, but she insists on doing them. OTL
    I knowww. ;v; So happy I found a discount for it- HAHA
    Thank you for reading Phailee! <33

  17. Whoot whoot! *A*
    Thank you so much for reading! <3

  18. Thank you so much Heather. <3 That's very kind of you!
    Thank you for reading too~

  19. Yes, she's fine! *^* Still with a cough, but not wear anymore. LOL
    ahduiofhjsiod YES YOU KNOW HOW I FEEL. ;v;
    Oh, where are you traveling right now? That sounds fun!
    Thank you so much Mira! <333

  20. Wow the packaging is awesome, looks like a legit apothecary bottle thingy!

  21. sorry to hear about your mom gin :( will pray for her fast recovery :)

    this is so timely! ive been eyeing this serum recently, someone suggested i try serums from korean brands and i was choosing between this and it's skin - which i like (from samples) but dont know how i can order the full size from my country.

  22. Yesss. <3 My mom actually though it was supposed to be soy sauce and she started questioning why I had it in my bathroom. LOL
    Thank you for reading Jasmine! <3

  23. Thank you so much Shayne! ;v; She already up and moving. The doctor is recommending surgery, but she doesn't want to go through with it. ;A;

    Where do you live? *A* I'm sure eBay supplies this and can be shipped to where you are! (Though I find it a bit pricy on there- ahaha)
    Is It's Skin around the same price? I would go for the cheaper one- HAHA
    Thank you for reading! <3

  24. Gah, come one Alice! *A*
    I hope you can get it soon~ ;v;

  25. I'm so sorry to hear about your mom! I hope she's doing better now, especially when she's got you to take care of her :)

    I've been wanting to get into more Asian skincare and this is just perfect because I was just looking at this on SaSa but I kept dismissing it! Now I think I'll give it another peep!



  26. She is! *A* The doctor says that she actually doesn't require surgery at the moment and that one attack was due to the large amounts of chocolate she ate.

    Yesss! You should definitely consider getting it. *A*
    Thank you for reading! <3

  27. i'm glad this really worked out for you and that you loved it so much. i'm always more than a bit skeptical about 'brightening' products. more often than not they do nothing. i haven't tried anything from the skin food black sugar line except their face scrub which i quite like! in general their tub scrub/mask prodcuts are quite good. the rice mask is my fav i think.

    A Beautiful Zen

  28. Really? It could be that my skin happens to be very sensitive to active ingredients. ;v;
    I need to try their scrubs! At the moment, I'm just waiting for mine to run out so I have a viable reason to purchase one. HAHA-
    I'll try the rice mask after I finish using the egg mask! *A* <3
    Thank you for reading! ///v///