Monday, November 4, 2013

『Giveaway』Babycakesland: Black Milk Christmas

Hi guys!
So, an adorable blogger by the name of Babycakes is having a giveaway! She's giving away some amazing products and is extremely under followed! :'<

Click to be directed to her giveaway!

The items included for the winner include:

Bunny Tattoo Tights

Aren't these adorable! <3 (I'm wearing the cat ones right now!)

Black Creeper Silver Studded Platforms

Size can be requested! (I wonder if there's a size 5 of this. LOL)

Etude House: Moistful Lotion (Full Set)

I've heard a lot about this! *^*

Any one item from Creepyyeha

I'm a bit embarrassed to post something from this site. ///// asdfghjkl sorry! ;A;
The site includes handmade lingerie with the inclusion of garters, chokers, shoes, etc. There's no price limit as long as it's one item!

Good luck everyone! *^*

☆ gin ★


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  1. It looks like a nice blog, maybe my computer is old... her blog load quite slow for me and slow down my other stuffs too. So I don't think I will visit her again... She put up too much stuffs on her blog.

  2. Oh really? Maybe I just have a nice computer, but it's fine for me~
    But I do agree on that a bit. The title picture is really cute, but it's a bit distracting from blog posts. ;v;
    Thank you for reading Yomimimi~ <3

  3. Hahaha I just checked out Creepyyeha and wow... Some of their lingerie pieces are "slightly" revealing. But I quite like their heart garters! They're heart-shaped so they're automatically cute! Wanna follow each other on GFC and Bloglovin'? x

  4. Just /slightly/. LOOL
    Right? *A* I really want one of the collars~ It's so cute I just ahhhh- ///A///
    (whispers, already following~! <3)
    Thank you for reading!

  5. Right right? *A*
    Actually, don't join. IT DECREASES MY CHANCES.
    i mean
    Thank you so much for reading! I check out your blog and am now following you on bloglovin~ <3

  6. Hahahaha! I know how that feels. I feel that way with most giveaways I join. :)

  7. I'll share it but what i really want is for you to not join it yeeeeeup MM'HM.

  8. Hello! This is a cute giveaway, I might check it out~ the tights especially catch my eye hehe^-^ Really love your blog, I was wondering if you wanted to follow eachother on GFC/Bloglovin(: If you do let me know and leave a comment on my blog so that I can follow you back! :D x

  9. I do as well. ///v/// <3 Thank you so much for reading!

  10. omggg the bunny tattoo tights!! LOL those r the cutest thing ever!!!!

  11. I know right? *A* I really would love to get them. <3
    Thank you so much for reading. <3

  12. Oh my god I am such a late replier! ;A;
    Thank you so much <3 If you haven't noticed already, I already am! 8'D Your blog is so cuteeee~
    Congratrs on your first sponsor! I'm still trying to climb my way upppp ahhhh-
    Thank you so much for reading. <3