Friday, November 15, 2013

『Life』New York: Romeo and Juliet!

Hi beauties! I'm sorry for my lack of posting. As of the new quarter starting, I've been working very hard to get a good head start on my grades. *^* I have so many new products to review, so stay tuned!


It was 8AM in the morning, and we had left the school for New York~! *^* 
On Wednesday, the Drama Club skipped school to go see the first time showing of Romeo and Juliet on Broadway.  
Sitting with my lovely friend Roma, we tried to entertain ourselves for a 5 hour drive. Super tired since I was excited to the point of not sleeping. LOL
Friends! <3
We had lunch at a little pizza place where the slices were bigger than my face! I ordered a buffalo chicken pizza that was a bit too spicy. All of us had a piece of cheesecake as well, which was AMAZING. (Ok, this one girl didn't, but she didn't like cheesecake. :<)

Afterward, we were supposed to go to Forever 21 (which was four stories high). Instead, someone suggested we go walk a mile to get frozen yogurt. Yeah, I was kinda angry cause we weren't allowed to split up, but I'm going back during winter break so it's all fine. (Going to visit my boyfriend while I'm at it, so excite. ///v/// <3)

Finally, at 1:30, we started getting seated for the Romeo and Juliet show at 2:00. 

Time Square is so beautiful at night. ;v;
It was a very small theater, but I got to meet Christian Carmago and Orlando Bloom in person! (though Orlando didn't accept pictures, I did get one with Christian. ///v///)

Lighting was bad since it was in the theater. :'<
I'd like to say that the show was absolutely amazing. If you live near New York, you should definitely take the time to see it. 

Thank you all for reading! I have a Tony Moly liptint, TheBodyShop products, and a haul post coming! Hope you'll eagerly expect those! 

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