Sunday, November 24, 2013

『Review』Tony Moly: Cat Chu Wink Liptint (Cherry)

Hey hey guys! It's finally almost Thanksgiving break, which I'm super excited for.
My insomnia has been coming back and I haven't been sleeping all that well. :'< Hopefully I can catch up on some shut eye this weekend when I'm not busy preparing food.
What will you guys be doing for Thanksgiving?

But on another note, I got off my lazy butt and finally took pictures for today's review, Tony Moly's Cat Chu Wink Liptint in Cherry!

I actually bought this from a shop on Storenvy called Mieuku! A friend of mine shared this on their Facebook and it happened to catch my eye. After looking around, I decided I would purchase this cute little liptint.
It was very reasonably priced and had free shipping! The owner was also very kind. If you're interested in Korean fashion or cosmetics, they're a great store to check out!

Product Information

I got this picture from eBay. It's poorly translated, but hopefully you can get the gist of it. LOL

Basically, it's a liptint that won't harm your lips, but instead will heal them. They claim that it's absorbed rapidly and has a very animate color.

Active Ingredients

  • Jojoba Oil - an extracted oil from the Jojoba shrub. Used as a natural moisturizer. For those confused about the preventing oxidation part, it relatively means preventing aging of the skin.
  • Stevia - actually used as a natural sweetener with no calories. I'm not sure if what they claim in the poster is completely true.

The applicator is similar to lipgloss, but flatter. The color looks super pigmented on the brush!

I was actually super scared for a second because of the blood-like it seemed when I dabbed it onto my hand. After blending it out, however, it was so much more to the color I imagined. Still extremely pigmented though!

Wow. I really applied too much. LOL
This liptint is very vibrant, just like the claims stated. I had put on two coats instead of one because of my experience with The Body Shop's liptint. With these two coats, it lasted me a nice 5 hours with drinking and eating. 
It also slightly smells of cherries; now I'm wondering if the other ones smell like their respective color. Though it did absorb very quickly, the jojoba oil really didn't help out that much. It just left my lips feeling the way they started, which I don't mind. Nothing a little lip balm (which I am wearing in both pictures) can't help! 


  • Vibrant color
  • Absorbs quickly
  • No unpleasant smell
  • Adorable
  • Long lasting
  • Affordable


  • No moisturizing properties
  • Didn't really heal anything

Rating: 4.5/5

Would I repurchase?

Yes! This has been my favorite liptint by far!

Thank you so much for reading and I hope you found it helpful! <3
☆ gin ★


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  1. Oh my , it looked like blood on the applicator... but I like the effect it gives you <3

  2. I like the colour of this tint and how pigmented it is! I still want to purchase one of these cute Tonymoly chu lip products. The colour suits you well :3 Thanks for the review!

  3. You definitely should! I've been using mine for almost a month now and still loving it. <3 Thank you so much for reading and have a happy Thanksgiving.

  4. So jelly of this! I've been wanting to try this for so long but haven't got the chance, yet!
    BTW, I have nominated you to this Liebster Award! Let's get to know a little bit more about each other! Happy tagging! :D
    Check out for more info in my blog!
    xx, Mira

  5. Right? LOOL I actually got some on my teeth on accident and it stained them too. ||D It went away, but it looked like I sucked someone's blood for a while-
    Thank you so much for reading! <3

  6. It's great! All my lipsticks have become useless now though- LOL
    Oh wowowowow! ///v/// Thank you so much aoihsfiodgjifhg-
    We should, and happy Thanksgiving! <3
    Thank you for readinggg~

  7. Ahh! ///v/// Thank you so much! <3

  8. I've always wanted to try out korean cosmetics! When I do, I'll make sure to pick this up! It looks like a lovely color I could wear on a daily basis!
    Great review!

  9. Korean and Japanese cosmetics are amazing. <3 I really love them more over the American ones we have here. 8D
    If you apply it correctly, definitely! *^* It's an outstanding color~
    Thank you for reading Miss Louise! <3

  10. I've tried Tony Moly's normal lip tint, which I think might be the same as this one, but it doesn't have the cute cat design!

  11. OMG Gin, you're so pretty ^^
    I just follow your blog >.<

  12. Oh abfuihbiodjhfoji, thank you so much! ///A/// <333 You're too kind.
    Thank you for reading as well! ;v;

  13. It looks so adorable on you! I have the same color and I love it but to me it doesn't smell like cherries at all. I have couple of sample sizes mini bottles but I really wanna get the full size because of the cute packaging!

  14. hello, is it drying if you reapply frequently? thanks. anyway, great blog! :)

  15. Excuse me for my late reply!
    Yes, It is rather drying if you reapply often. However, it's nothing a little lip balm can't fix!
    Thank you for reading. <3